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Egyptian Rising Female Artists You Should Keep an Eye on

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Egyptian Rising Female Artists You Should Keep an Eye on
written by
Nada Medhat

We still have a long way ahead of us to reach gender equality, but women have been carving their spaces deeper lately in Egypt more than ever before. Every new generation is bolder and louder than the one before. Art remains the medium and voice of people to express themselves fully, with total profoundness and complexity. Despite that, women artists still face gender inequality, and don’t gain as much attention as their male counterparts. Those five rising female artists in Egypt are the best example of breaking such a barrier. 

Nadine Khalifa 

With a colourful distinct style, Nadine Khalifa aims to transform the walls of ordinary Egyptian homes into gallery showcases. Her motto is “give your walls a life” and she definitely lives up to it with her skillful painting, injected with such vividness that you won’t ever doubt her words. She takes commissions on Instagram for customised art pieces.Check her work on her Instagram here

Mai Atabani

Definitely another distinguished painter with full command of her art. Her work is distinct for its use of earthy colours and confident brushwork that mesh together into creating a face. Her style falls into abstraction and fauvism. She has showcased her work in various abstraction exhibitions. You can check it out on her Instagram here

Malak Bartaw

Malak is another painter on the list with a highly distinctive style. With nearly tangible texture and earthy colours, Bartaw’s work is also remarkable for the Egyptian native women it portrays. She has been featured in local exhibitions and you should definitely keep an eye on her work. Check it out on her Instagram here


A rising young musician, you can already smell the storm Yolanda is taking the DJ world by. She plays in various clubs in the city like The Tap and Cairo Jazz Club 610, and has even performed in Beirut! You can listen to some of her work here!

Menna Lattif

A multidisciplinary artist, there is nothing Menna Lattif can’t paint on, with consistent quality and command over the art form. Whether on canvas, glass, or walls, she’s not limited to a specific style, but rather wildly remains in perpetual experimentation and exploration to the best of results! You can check her out work here