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Egyptian Tacos: Tuesdays Just Got Tastier

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Egyptian Tacos: Tuesdays Just Got Tastier
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    Aminah Keevy

    Image credit: Love & Olive Oil

    It’s Taco Tuesday, everybody, and we’re here to set your dinner plans straight! While the original Mexican cuisine remains popular to this day, we’ve decided to add a little Egyptian touch. So we present to you, Egy-Mex – the culinary fusion of the decade! Invite your neighbours and start a shopping list because these are five recipes that you don’t want to miss. 


    For the taco lover that appreciates simplicity, we suggest taking a classic, like the ground beef taco, and converting it into something new. Take this quick, easy recipe that only involves minced meat topped with shredded cheddar cheese and your choice of chopped tomatoes, lettuce, and sweet onions, then just add ta3meya to make it even better! The national cuisine of mashed-up fava beans adds a tasty crunch while the inside soaks up any additional sauces. Mix plain yoghurt, diced cucumber and a sprinkle of dill, then drizzle over your selected hard shell or soft tortilla to get the party started. 

    Via Mediterranean Living


    Why not add a flare to the eclectic shrimp taco? Usually prepared with chipotle mayo, mango salsa, cotija cheese, and some rocket on top, go ahead and switch it up with street style shawarma! Chicken or beef works well as a shrimp substitute, and the seasoning adds enough of an Arab kick to send this cuisine to the stars. Prepare to indulge in the taste of Egypt’s classic, saucy shawarma with the added heat of the mayo and the sweetness of the mango as a bonus!

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    Brisket taco, anyone? First comes the cilantro crema, then the pico de gallo, add some shredded white cheddar, and on top of it all lies two or three juicy slices of blazing beef brisket. Now, let’s substitute in the Egyptian All-Star – basterma. Whether you lack a brisket supply or just have a desire to mix and match, this replacement will make your tastebuds sing! Subdued by the cilantro and brightened by the tomatoes, you will experience BEST-erma like you never have before. Dress it up with a dollop of coleslaw on top if you really want to be bold!

    *Store-bought or homemade, we recommend searing the meat before adding to taco

    Via Dyna’s Egyptian Cooking


    You might prefer a saucier option – have no fear – we’ve got you covered! Take a steak taco composed of tender beef cubes, diced onions, cotija cheese, and chimichurri. The catch is – we recommend you swap the beef out for bamia. The soft tomato-soaked okra will complement the vinegar-parsley blend of chimichurri perfectly! Have sour cream on the side to balance out the tangy dressings if you desire.

    Via Kitchen Keys


    While alternative toppings make for a unique dining experience, it may make more sense to ditch the tortilla instead – in comes mahshi. Instead, use these rice-filled peppers and tomatoes as the base for whatever kind of taco you crave! From beef and shrimp to bamia and ta3meya, combine it with cheese and your choice of taco necessities like guacamole, salsa, or sour cream. Mahshi will transform your gourmet tacos into more of a cosy Egyptian rice bowl – and prevent the mess of sloppy taco bits dripping down your arms!

    Via Egyptian Planet

    Roll up your sleeves and get going! It’s Taco Tuesday!