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Embrace the Egyptian Diet: Eat Like a Local

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Embrace the Egyptian Diet: Eat Like a Local
written by
Aminah Keevy

Image credit: TravelOCafe

Who doesn’t love Egyptian food? No one, we hope. However, being in a new country is daunting at times, and we understand that it may be overwhelming to explore everything that a new place has to offer! That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a list of dishes that play a part in our nation’s beloved cuisine 一 some of them popular, some of them not so much. Nevertheless, this is Egypt and what better way to truly experience a culture than to taste it? Here are just a few of the bowl-fillers that everyone should try while in the land of the pyramids:


Vegan & Vegetarian

Egypt thrives in the realm of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Chocked full of chickpeas, lentils, rice and vegetables, Egyptian food is amazing for anyone wanting to cut down on meat or steer clear of animal products altogether! From fava bean sandwiches to fried okra to sweet potatoes 一 there’s something tasty for everyone!

Ful & Taameya

Fava beans are an essential in any Egyptian breakfast. As a dip, fried, or in a sandwich with fresh toppings!

Via Arabic Zeal

Via Local’s Guide to Egypt


A delightful combination of rice, noodles, lentils, chickpeas, onions and tomato sauce 一 power food!

Via Cairo Cooking


Spiced rice-filled eggplant, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and grape leaves.

Via Egyptian Planet

Lentil Soup

Zesty and cosy at the same time 一 what more could you ask for in a soup?

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A hearty okra dish served as a tomato-based stew, often with lamb, but not always!

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A mixture of stock, jute leaves, and aromatic vegetables, molokheya serves as a nutritious soup or side dish 一 perfect for dipping bread!

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Sweet Potatoes

Need a quick snack? Grab a sweet potato from a street vendor and his portable oven.

Via Nadia Rifaat

Meat & Fish

Vegetables and beans are great, but Egypt has a lot to offer for meat lovers as well! Where roasted chicken, stuffed pigeon, and beef stew can be found on almost any corner, the country also boasts spectacular seafood options due to coasts on the Red and Mediterranean seas.


A must when it comes to breakfast, Egypt’s version of pastrami complements eggs in the morning like no other!

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You can never have enough meat on a stick! As delicious as a kebab, this beef entree must not be missed.

Via Freshly Spiced


Either loved or hated, this fermented salty fish is not for everyone. The traditional recipe is worth a try, though, at least once!

Via Nomad Paradise


Have a sweet tooth? You’ll fit right in! Desert desserts are available everywhere in Egypt. With puddings, pancakes, pies, and pastries, there’s more than enough sugar to go around!

Om Ali

In the mood for butter, cream, and nuts? This Egyptian version of bread pudding is just for you!

Via My Big Fat Halal Blog


Layered pastry served with your choice of honey, powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, or fruit.

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Shredded dough and pistachios 一 get ready for the sticky-sweet goodness about to ensue!

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Rice Pudding

Sometimes served with cinnamon or ice cream on top, rice pudding acts as a staple when it comes to easy stop-and-go treats or dinner-party desserts.

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