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Entre Cineastas Festival 2011: Caravan of Films Now in Cairo

Entre Cineastas Festival 2011: Caravan of Films Now in Cairo
    written by
    Zainab Magdy

    A caravan of films by Latin and Arab women is passing
    through Cairo, and will be held at the Cairo Opera House’s Creative Art Centre
    from May 16th until May 20th. Don’t miss out on this great cinematic
    experience in Cairo.

    Entre Cineastas Film Festival, which is Spanish for ‘among
    women filmmakers’, starts its fourth round today, May 16th. For the past three
    years, Entre Cineastas has been building bridges between Spanish-speaking
    countries and the Arab world through the art of cinema produced by female
    filmmakers. The festival hosts films made by women from both Latin America and
    the Arab World.

    ‘They have to be women directors,’ says Amal Ramsis,
    one of the founders of the festival in Cairo, ‘But it doesn’t matter what the
    subject matter is; it doesn’t have to be related to women specifically, it
    could be anything.’

    ‘There is not enough cultural exchange between the
    Arab world and the Spanish-speaking world mainly because of the language
    barrier,’ says Ramsis, ‘Despite there being many things in common between them.’
    Entre Cineastas Festival aims at erasing this gap by presenting the many
    artistic visions of the directors. The festival will continue for five days,
    showing fourteen productions by directors from Mexico, Lebanon, Egypt, Germany
    and Spain, among others.

    The festival’s organisers translate the Spanish films
    into Arabic and vice versa to facilitate the audience’s experience in this
    cross-cultural exchange. After the screening of each film, there is an open
    discussion with its director, which, according to Ramsis, dissolves any borders
    of difference.

    ‘The presence
    of the directors facilitates the exchange of cultures and experiences,’ she

    As it’s a moving caravan, the festival will head to
    Granada after Cairo, followed by eight other cities in the Arab world, Spain
    and Latin America. The schedule for the screening of the films in Cairo is available
    on Cairo360’s events page as well as on the festival’s Facebook event page. 

    Among the films being screened are Spanish/Mexican
    production Ameren Idea by Maider
    Oleaga, 1972 Lebanese film The Hour of
    the Liberty Has Sounded
    by Heiny Srour, The
    Dish of the Wolves
    by Egyptian filmmaker Mona Iraki, German production Isabel Allende by Paula Rodriguez, Prohibited by Amal Ramsis, Lebanese production The Kingdom of the Women by Dana
    Abourahma, and Five Minutes Away from the
    a Palestinian/Turkish/Swiss production by Nahed Awwad.