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Everything You Need to Know About Mohamed Ramadan’s Newest Series

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Everything You Need to Know About Mohamed Ramadan’s Newest Series
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Cairo 360

Mohamed Ramadan has been a very controversial figure since his rise to stardom. On the one hand, some people consider him to be a national hero who has valiantly served his country via the diverse roles and relatable messages that he portrays in his movies. On the other hand, some segments in our society that do not view him as the ideal role model for current and future generations, as many of his characters seem to give off a thuggish vibe, amongst other comments. At Cairo 360, we always perceive the positive sides of all topics. Consequently, this article is dedicated to Ramadan to discuss some of his past, and upcoming, accomplishments in 2019.

Despite his prominence as a movie star, Ramadan is currently paving his way to be a dual threat. Over the past few months, his songs have become viral with his ostentatious video clips and stimulating lyrics. It was announced in March that the superstar had signed a contract with Sony for the production of his new songs. According to Sada El Balad, he explained that the biggest proof of his success as a singer is that Sony International Company has contracted with him to produce his new work.

Ramadan’s vocal talent did not stop there. On the 11 April a new video, called “Boom”, was uploaded on his official YouTube channel and has a total of 1.9 million views so far. It is stated that the clip gained almost 800,000 views within 24 hours of its release. This video was released less than a month after his song, “Virus”, that collected nearly 2 million views on the first day. Boom’s lyrics are by Shendy, composed by El Dezel & Shendy, and produced by MR Productions.

Moreover, his first concert was performed on the 29 March. Unfortunately, some members of the public did not perceive his shirtless scenes and “erotic” moves in the show as appropriate. Nevertheless, we are sure that Ramadan will take his fans’ feedback into consideration for future performances and do what is best.

Let’s shift our article towards his TV work. Following his hugely successful Ramadan series in 2018, the renowned actor is preparing for another series which we can only imagine will be equally, if not more, popular, called “Zilzal” (Earthquake). In the series, Ramadan portrays two separate characters for the fourth time. Similar to “Nesr El-Saeed” and “El Kenz”, he plays both father and son. He also portrayed two brothers in Al Astoora. Many fans are also keen on seeing his co-star, Hala Shiha, as she returns to the screen after a 12-year hiatus. You can read more about Zilzal from the synopsis online on

As for his movies, Ramadan is set to star in the first Egyptian 3D horror film “Shabah el Nile” (The Ghost of the Nile). Its planned release date is the 1 January 2020. Auditions for the rest of the cast are still in process, led by Iraqi director Yasir Al-Yasiri and producer Saif Oraibi.

We wish you the best of luck, Mohamed Ramadan, in all your future endeavours!