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Everything You Need to Know About the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art

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Everything You Need to Know About the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art
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    When you think of a museum in Egypt, one’s mind instantly goes to Pharaonic artefacts, and maybe to Coptic or Islamic monuments, but rarely does one think of modern art when thinking of Egyptian museums. However, this is exactly what we’re talking about today.

    The Museum of Modern Egyptian Art, located in the heart of the Cairo Opera House, is actually one of the most exciting places in town to get your art fix. It showcases a collection of the best 20th/21st Century paintings and sculptures created by Egyptian artists.

    Perhaps one of our favourites is the “City”, by Egyptian contemporary art pioneer, Mahmoud Said. It’s a true reflection of Egyptian life in a bygone era, represented by the clothes and old buildings of Cairo as depicted in the painting.

    The first floor is a permanent gallery showcasing the work of the biggest Egyptian artists, the likes of Mahmoud Mokhtar and others. But the other floors change every five years to display different pieces. The place is huge, and is beautifully decorated; it’s truly a wonderful place to enjoy art, and take in every piece at your own pace. Each piece is put in the most complementary spot, and the design of the museum itself has a role in engaging the audience with each piece.

    When you enter the Cairo Opera House, and walk towards the museum, you’ll instantly see sculptures situated in different spots, and an even bigger collection as you get closer to the museum. What we love the most about the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art is that it’s a free entry museum, just like the Cairo Opera House – minor parking fees may apply.

    If you’re a fan of art, you have to give this museum a visit. Indulge your soul in arts and culture, and let the exhibits move your emotions.