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Everything You Need to Know About Upper Egypt’s Very First African Cinema Club

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Everything You Need to Know About Upper Egypt’s Very First African Cinema Club
    written by
    Sherif Khairy

    Luxor is known for its incredible natural sights and, of course, the magnificent historical sites. However, it’s also home to one of the most interesting film festivals in Africa, the LAFF, Luxor African Film Festival. This is the 8th edition of the LAFF, and indeed, it’s one of Egypt’s most interesting cultural events, taking place in one of Egypt’s most culturally and historically rich cities.

    This year, as part of the LAFF activities, Inas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, and Mustafa Al-Ham, Governor of Luxor, are launching the first ever African Cinema Club to be organised in Upper Egypt. Luxor’s Cultural Palace will be hosting this event starting from January 17. The plan is to hold the African Cinema Club on the third Saturday of every month, to give people an insight into African cinema throughout the year, just as LAFF does.

    LAFF is organised by the Independent Shabab Foundation and is governed by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Foreign affairs, and other governmental entities. What we love the most about LAFF is that it sets a cultural centre for Africa in the heart of Egypt.

    The African Cinema Club, together with LAFF, could help provide an excellent opportunity for the dissemination of African culture through African movies, and, being hosted in an Egyptian city, it gives us a stronger presence within our continent. LAFF 2019 is set to launch on March 15 and continue until the 21st. Check out the LAFF website to learn more about the festival’s activities, and make your plans to attend this marvelous event.