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‘Eye on the Globe’ Exhibition: Meet the Art Initiative Behind This Out-of-This-World Experience

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‘Eye on the Globe’ Exhibition: Meet the Art Initiative Behind This Out-of-This-World Experience
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It’s undeniable that the art scene in Egypt has drastically evolved in the past few years following the 2011’s Egyptian Revolution. Art has become a voice of self-expression and exploration; conquering new grounds after years of confinement within the cold walls of museums and art galleries.

These new grounds naturally come with a new range of audience, whose engagement demands a fresh approach that will balance between bridging the gap to this new audience and delivering limitless and untraditional art, outside of the traditional forums.

And that’s exactly what the people behind the Cairo-based art initiative, Peacock for Art, are aiming for. The initiative also made it its mission to raise the awareness of the impact of art on social development, continually reaching out to various audiences through hosting pop-up cultural events in alternative spaces. Peacock for Art will to do this by collaborating with different entities, from artists and governmental organisations, to embassies and private sector companies. As such, they act as mediator between these large institutions and artists.

One of Peacock for Art’s latest projects was the scientific exhibition Eye on the Globe by Cosmo-SkyMed, which took place at Heliopolis’ Hilton on the 11th of April. In collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Cairo, the exhibition, which presented a number of photographs of the earth taken from space, showcased the Italian Space Agency’s expertise in space science, and the cooperation of the pioneering Egyptian institution in the field of satellite remote sensing, the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Science.

It’s also worth mentioning that the opening of Eye on the Globe saw a special guest appearance by renowned Italian astronaut, Paolo Nespoli, who spoke about his exciting career, and his three space journeys, having spent a total of 313 days in space. Make sure you check out Peacock for Art’s website, and Facebook page. You can also follow Peacock for Art on Instagram.