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Fashion With a Cause: CSA’s Spring Fashion Buzz Gives Back to Its Community

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Fashion With a Cause: CSA’s Spring Fashion Buzz Gives Back to Its Community
written by
Nada Medhat

Wellness, mental health, community, and sustainability, those are the four pillars The Community Service Association (CSA) stands on.

CSA is an entity in Maadi that was founded in 1979 at the hands of the wife of an American ambassador for expats. With time, it grew to accommodate the entire community of Maadi, both the expats and natives. The origin seed can still be seen, as among the many services CSA provides, there are plenty that aim to integrate foreigners into the society, offering them support and help to navigate a culture that isn’t theirs, like Survival Arabic among its language courses and Egyptian Cuisine amongst its cooking lessons. 

The point is, of course, as it always has been: to help Maadi become a real community, with all it has of expats, foreigners, immigrants, and Cairenes. 

CSA’s services diverge to everything that can help the central pillar of community, including the work it already does for the environment, such as working with the neighbourhood committee to clean garbage-filled areas, running farmer markets that support local workers and organic food, as well as joining and supporting other entities like restaurants and beauty centres that share the same values. 

This year, CSA’s Spring Fashion Buzz works towards highlighting all of CSA’s pillars in the most creative way possible! Running from May 21 till May 23, CSA’s Spring Fashion Buzz is a fashion event, where thirty fashion and jewellery designers from all over Egypt are selected to present their spring/summer collections. 

The participants share CSA’s value, so all the collections are ethical and upcycle. Not only this, there will also be a silent auction during the opening to honour the sense of community and sustain morale. Each participant, as well as desiring non-participants, will join by donating one item to the auction. All proceedings of this auction will go to the Ahl Masr Foundation, with the exception of one that will go to a charity of a personal connection to the designer; The Baheya Foundation.

Ali Miniawy of Scarabaeus Sacer and Manal Olama of the Egyptian Clothing Bank will be giving the opening speech, all the more reason to look forward to the event! 

The opening day is open only to invitees, and the rest of the event is open for everyone to join and give back!