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Four Keanu Reeves Movies to Watch

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Four Keanu Reeves Movies to Watch
    written by
    Nada Medhat

    We can’t say there are many more celebrity figures as universally beloved, respected and admired as Keanu Reeves. Above all, he’s a magnificent, consistently outstanding actor, and one of the most loved across Egypt. Despite most of the general audiences’ knowledge and love of his work abiding in the Matrix and John Wick, Keneau Reeves has a large body of critically acclaimed work. For his birthday month, we find it appropriate to celebrate some of them by giving them either a first watch or a rewatch! 

    The Devil’s Advocate (1997)

    Most noted for Al Pacino’s performance, the Devil’s Advocate remains not only one of Reeves’ best films to date but also one of his absolute best performances. Reeves plays a young lawyer who receives an untimely, huge opportunity at a high-end New York City law firm with a boss unlike any other in power and influence. What follows might be well-known to many readers of Cairo 360, but offers new gems with every rewatch!

    My Own Private Idaho (1991)

    One of Reeves’ most gentle and subtle performances, it’s also one of his most celebrated ones. Starring alongside his close friend, the late River Phoenix, the independent feature follows two youthful friends as they embark on a journey of self-discovery when they travel from one place to the other in a search for the mother of one of the friends, while exploring a myriad of themes considered taboo at the time, and in many places, still is to this day. 

    The Neon Demon (2016)

    While the title of the neon demon doesn’t only encapsulate Keanu Reeves’ character here, Hank, said character, is at least a major part of that demon; with that, the film offers a unique anti-thesis, performance-wise, to the Devil’s Advocate, where Reeves’ character is none other than a predatory, manipulative man of power. Starring Ella Fanning, the film follows a young woman as she makes her way to Los Angeles in hopes of starting a fashion career, only to discover the rotting core of the industry.

    The Bad Batch (2016)

    An admittedly strange film, it remains one of the most fun on this list. Especially when it comes to Reeves’ performance of the eccentric “The Dream.” With Keanu Reeves alongside an eye-catching cast made up of Jason Momoa, Jim Carrey and Suki Waterhouse, the film follows a young woman on a bizarre journey to the desert where getting attacked by a group of cannibals isn’t even the strangest thing to come.