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Handicrafts & Craft-Related Activities: Where You Can Head in the Capital to Master Them

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Handicrafts & Craft-Related Activities: Where You Can Head in the Capital to Master Them
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Sherif Khairy

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Learning how to create handicrafts & craft-related activities can be quite an entertaining way of enhancing your income, but aside from financial benefits, it’s a truly relaxing experience. Creating a vision in your head, then getting to work with your hands to achieve that image is a very rewarding and peaceful experience. So if you want to take a step towards mastering your handicraft & craftsmanship creation skills, head over to one of these academies right here in Cairo.

Handmade Academy

This is one of the most important training centres in Cairo. Located in Nasr City, the academy has contracts with a lot of experts for training in a host of handicraft & craftsmanship related fields. They can teach you a lot about the arts of the trade, and offer training for over 70 handicrafts & craftsmanship related activities.

For example, you can learn about sewing and embroidery, fashion design, decoration, manufacturing leather products, painting, Arabic calligraphy, engraving on wood and glass, creating aromatic and decorative candles, and much more.

Foustat Traditional Crafts Center

This simpler training centre is the combined work of a number of artisans who’ve come together to maintain the art of traditional craftsmanship, and teach other people to make sure it lives on. The centre has a number of departments such as ornaments, carpentry, tent making, copper, and other departments. You can find them in Misr Al Qadimah.

Al-Masriyin Awla Centre for Teaching Craftsmanship

This centre focuses on training courses to help students master certain artisan skills such as manufacturing leather products, embroidery, sewing on leather, and more. They have two branches, one in Shubra, and the other is in Imbaba.

Place Des Arts

Fans of this place gladly put it as the best art centre in Egypt. They take a comprehensive look at art by offering classes in film and music, aside from their main classes in crafts. What makes this place really cool is that they have a lot to help you enjoy your time in their centre. There’s a coffee shop, music store, and art gallery, and you can even bring in your kids for education with a twist of fun, as you enjoy an art course yourself. Place Des Arts is located in Maadi, and is a place for the whole family.

Darb 1718

Darb 1718 consider themselves as a contemporary art & culture centre, and have a ton of activities going on such as writing, printing, photography, and theatre workshops. When it comes to crafts, they have workshops in mosaic, ceramic, khayamia, and even recycling arts. There’s a whole lot to discover about this Old Cairo centre, and we’re sure you’ll love it all.