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Hawass Unfolds Ancient Egyptian Mysteries at Perugia University in Italy

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Hawass Unfolds Ancient Egyptian Mysteries at Perugia University in Italy
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Kareem Sheta

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History is like an endless mystery novel. Every day, a new scholar or historian is constantly trying and striving to solve a riddle or two. One of the most mysterious eras in history is that of Ancient Egypt. But who’s to enlighten us about this slice of time than the expert Egyptologist himself, Dr. Zahi Hawass?

Yesterday, Sada Elbalad English (SEE) wrote about Hawass’ 2-hour lecture at the Italian University of Perugia, a public-owned university that was founded in 1308. One thousand people, including famous journalists and authors attended. As for the content, he highlighted several topics, including the Harem Conspiracy, the plot to murder the Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses III, who was brutally stabbed using various weapons.

The story of the death of Tutankhamun, at the age of 19, was another critical point in the lecture. He explained how the cause was still unknown, and also disproved the common speculation that Tut was murdered. Based on the first computed tomography (CT) scan, there was absolutely no evidence of foul play.

“The scientific team did not find any proof that the young king was hit on the back of his neck, nor is there any indication he had an accident that led to his death,” the Egyptologist stressed.

Finally, he mentioned the discovery of a collection of King Khufu papyri, discovered at Wadi El-Jarf port, by a Franco-Egyptian mission led by French Egyptologist Pierre Tallet, and Egyptian Egyptologist, Sayed Mahfouz in 2013. It’s the most significant discovery of the 21st century, which shows the construction of the Great Pyramid of Cheops in full detail, as well as the names of the construction workers.

According to Hawass, nearly 30% of the Egyptian antiquities have been discovered so far while currently searching for the tomb of king Tutankhamun’s wife and queen Nefertiti. We’re craving for more secrets to be revealed. Here’s a clip of his lecture, shared by SEE on Facebook. Enjoy!