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Here Is What the Egyptian Textile Museum Has in Store for Its Ramadan Visitors

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Here Is What the Egyptian Textile Museum Has in Store for Its Ramadan Visitors
written by
Sherif Khairy

While a trip to the Egyptian Textile Museum sounds like a boring tour that you would be forced to do in school, or a lame night out that you have to agree on because, for some inconceivable reason, your partner is excited about it, this venue is actually quite interesting. The Egyptian Textile Museum is home to a lot of stories and secrets, told through its artefacts. This is why the Ministry of Antiquities has decided to extend the working hours of the museum, so that people can visit it at night during Ramadan.

Located in El-Moez Street, you’ll see tons of beautiful buildings and mosques along your way. The museum is near Bayn al-Qasrayn district, and holds a number of ancient artefacts, each from a certain era in ancient Egyptian history, and each with a story behind it. You see, every era had its own cultural reference, and as such, has distinct characteristics in terms of clothing.

Your night at the museum will allow you to see different textiles from different sources, all unique in their own style. They were distributed among many museums in Cairo, and around Egypt, but have been gathered in this one building. Through its 11 rooms, you will see beautiful calligraphy, and other stunning pieces. You’ll get to know when they were made, and the story behind them, whether they belonged to the Pharaonic era, or other eras of our extended Egyptian history.

Besides clothes and other textiles, the two-story museum also houses a number of pieces that tell the story of the process of manufacturing such textiles, and their usage throughout history. The Egyptian Textile Museum will be open on Ramadan nights from 8:30 pm, till midnight, giving you a special opportunity to enjoy the unique history it holds. You should add this place to your night out if you want to have Sohour in El-Moez St. and surrounding areas. Start your outing with a walking tour, and end it with a delicious meal at any of the many food shops in the area.