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IN PICTURES: From Crown-to-Toe, Miss Egypt Stuns in Temraza at Miss Universe 2018

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IN PICTURES: From Crown-to-Toe, Miss Egypt Stuns in Temraza at Miss Universe 2018
written by
Sherif Khairy

Growing through life as a linguist, making her way as a medical author, and asserting her power by becoming a naval commander, and a diplomat, Cleopatra is also known as the epitome of beauty. But that is secondary to all we mentioned above. Known formally as Cleopatra VII Philopator, she was the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. Cleopatra is an inspiration not just to Egyptian women, but many more women around the world, and the latest to take inspiration is our own Nariman Khaled, competing for Miss Universe with the proud Pharaoh look.

Nariman Khaled is Miss Egypt 2018 and Miss Universe Egypt 2018. She was competing for the Miss Universe crown, and decided to sport a brilliantly designed Pharaoh-inspired look. In addition to her charming appearance, what we liked the most about it was the people behind the look.

Temraza, by Farida Temraza, is one of Egypt’s most prominent female couture designers. Temraza was the winner of the 1st place award in Paris Fashion Week 2015, and took away the award for Best Female Couture Designer Brand in New York Fashion Week 2017. Temraza works with a lot of local stars, and has international notoriety as well; her work was featured at Hollywood’s Screen Actors Guild Awards by American actress and singer Laura Bell Bundy. You can all see just how brilliant they did with the dress for Nariman Khalid.

Nariman Khalid stunned in the golden Pharaonic dress. Her look was further elevated thanks to the accessories, namely the charming golden headpiece, designed by local brand, Halo Headpieces. Aya Radwan founded the brand, and offers ready-made and customised headpieces.

We were proud to see Nariman Khaled with such a gorgeous look, even more so that it’s designed by a set of local designers: Temraza and Halo Headpieces. Here’s to many more of our local brands making their way internationally.