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IN PICTURES: Meet Dalia Sadany, Golden A’Design Award Winner of 2018-2019

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IN PICTURES: Meet Dalia Sadany, Golden A’Design Award Winner of 2018-2019
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When you pass by an old building in Cairo’s Wust El-Balad, how do you feel? In our own humble opinion, we always feel amazed and reminiscent. The intricately carved statues, the flawless corniches, and the surrounding atmosphere that transports you to another era; who wouldn’t be in awe of such authentic elements of Egyptian heritage? But why are we talking about design? Because today, we will be introducing to you the Egyptian designer and heroine, Dalia Sadany, who just won the Golden Design Award in the Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award Category, for her latest work in the Cyber Security Hall Museum.

The award was granted from the A’Design Award and Competition, an annual international competition, and almost 13,000 designers from around the world compete in more than 105 design fields. Every year, the award is given to various projects that focus on innovation, technology, design, and creativity. The Golden A’Design Award, which the talented Dalia Sadany received in Italy, is given to the top 3 per cent that have demonstrated an exemplary high level of excellence in design. It is also considered first place in the rankings, if there are no platinum award winners, according to their website.

The site describes the IT History Hall Museum, located at the Greek Campus at the American University in Cairo, in a few words of deep admiration and appreciation, “Her design is the first cultural experience linking modern-day cybersecurity and information protection in Ancient Egypt. All the artefacts and symbols in this cultural museum were researched and authenticated by an Egyptologist and cybersecurity professional. The project was designed to take the visitor on a journey back in time to not only learn but live the story. The layout, materials and lighting, as well as products, artefacts and symbols, were carefully designed to enhance the mystique feel. The space is multi-purpose equipped to be used for various corporate events and activities.” Basically, she beautifully conveys the fact that Ancient Egyptians were the first to establish the idea of knowledge of security, and everything related to the science of today’s critical topic of information and its protection, known as IT Security.

Dalia, who was, of course, beyond thrilled to receive this prestigious award for her museum, stated, “This museum was not easy to proceed but served as a challenge and incentive for every Egyptian to know more about their history. I did a lot of research and studies, which we documented in Arabic and English, assisted by a number of Egyptologists and IT experts who assisted me in building a full comparison and study of the origin of information security in Egypt. Our ancestors were the first to discover the importance of information security and ways to protect it, whereas we found several similarities, including Firewall, Deep Web, Password, Anti-Virus, Maze concept, Honey Pot and other applications that I was fascinated to find their origins go back to the pharaohs.”

As she has done in many previous projects with utmost excellence and grandeur, Sadany highlighted the Egyptian traditions in the form of authentic art to help spread the global image of our country’s civilisation. We can’t wait to see her next project!

You can read more about the Cyber Security Hall museum via this link, and check out some samples of Dalia’s other incredible designs right here.