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India by the Nile: A Celebration of India’s Culture and Influence in Egypt

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India by the Nile: A Celebration of India’s Culture and Influence in Egypt
written by
Nesrien Abdelkader

From Bollywood blockbusters to tasty traditional dishes, Indian culture has always managed to make its way into the hearts of Egyptians. When different countries get along as well as these two do, it’s a cause for celebration. So, the Embassy of India in Egypt and Teamwork Arts proudly present the ninth chapter of India by the Nile (IBN) 2022, marking the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence, Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

Starting in October 2022, the festival will honour all things Indian by capturing the essence of this rich nation through classical and contemporary performing and visual arts festival and tributes to popular culture.

The cities of Cairo and Alexandria will be hosting different events of IBN, the biggest international festival in Egypt, where audiences will be exposed to all of the vibrant aesthetic traditions that India has to offer.

Why Egypt and India Share a Special Bond

Egypt has had a longstanding relationship with India, as the two nations share similar histories and cultures. Dating back all the way to the times of the pharaohs, there is a long history of cultural exchanges between these ancient civilisations. Archaeologists have even confirmed that pharaohs used Indian oils in their mummification process, and the relationship only deepens from then on.  The Indian Cultural Centre in Cairo was established in 1992 and has been spreading Indian culture throughout Egypt since.

Just like us, Indians live for drama, and the absolutely addicting films and television series they put out have got quite a few Egyptians hooked. Everything from timeless love stories to song and dance in cinema transcends borders to bring us together. We love them so much that MBC has even dedicated a whole channel to Bollywood.

Besides cinema, we’ve also got similarities when it comes to forms of live entertainment. There’s something magical about traditional music and dance, and both India and Egypt are known for their enchanting rhythms and talented performers.

Why You Should Go To IBN

At IBN, guests will be drawn in by the classic and contemporary performances. As you spend time getting to know all about the diverse and exciting aspects of Indian culture, you’ll realise just how similar they are to Egyptians and how important the connection between the two countries is. Sharing experiences with us with enthralling Bollywood Shows, the festival will allow guests to immerse themselves in an unmissable performance of the nation’s best dances and love stories which was put together with the help of renowned dancer and choreographer Gilles Chuyen. If you’re in Alexandria, join them on October 15 and 16, at Sayed Darwish Theatre and don’t miss the shows in Cairo on October 18 and 19 at Cairo Opera House as well as on October 21st at Dandy Mega Mall. 

You can also enjoy a live theatre performance of The Nights, a tale that’s part of the shared history between many different eastern nations, on October 10 in Cairo and October 11 in Alexandria.