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India by the Nile Is in Full Swing!
written by
Cairo 360

India is very rightly classified as a country of festivals. Indeed, India has scores and scores of festivals, unlike any other country of the world; there are so many Indian festivals because basically they celebrate almost everything, like nature, colour, friendship etc. As such, there are festivals of different hues meant for the celebration of different achievements and occasions, whether religious or otherwise.

Bringing a dose of Indian arts and culture to Egypt for the seventh year, India by the Nile (IBN) is currently in full swing! The festival’s activities are dispersed throughout some of biggest cities, with happenings in Cairo, Alexandria and Port Said. India by the Nile is billed as one of the biggest festivals in Egypt.

The festival kicked-off with a bang on March 7th. At the opening ceremony, His Excellency, Ambassador Rahul Kulshreshtha gave a warm speech to commemorate the inauguration of this year’s edition of India by the Nile. Additionally, Indian singer Harpreet managed to mesmerise the crowd with his amazing tunes.

As they commemorate the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of India, this year’s edition already saw a very special non-verbal play, which paid homage to Gandhi’s legacy by promoting his messages of peace, truth, and non-violence. The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust performed this play -titled Images of Truth- right here in the capital, at Sawy Cultural Wheel to be specific.

The festivals, which will run until March 17th, offers a wide array of activities; music, dances, and theatre performances. Famous Indian musicians and actors, as well as dancers, are all in Egypt with the aim of bringing all that is authentically Indian to the land of the Pharaohs.

Much like previous editions, the festival is home to numerous workshops; from a Yoga workshop, to a Bollywood Dance workshop, and much more. Speaking of Bollywood, India’s film Industry is highly popular in Egypt, which is why an entire section of this India by the Nile is dedicated to showcasing famous Bollywood movies. The festival will also be home to a very special Seminar Series dedicated to giving attendees a chance to acknowledge the significance of bilateral relation between Egypt and India. Finally, for all the foodies out there, the festival will be hosting a one its kind Indian Food Festival!

All in all, India by the Nile has managed to bring a colourful extravaganza of cultural diversity to the heart of Egypt. Follow Cairo 360’s Events Calendar, or head to India by the Nile’s Facebook page, should you find yourself fancying a dose of everything we love about Indian culture!