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India Comes to the Land of the Pharaohs
written by
Cairo 360

Who doesn’t like to travel? Seeing the world, experiencing new cultures, and meeting different people. Unfortunately, that’s not always easy; may it be the long planning, the high cost, or even finding the appropriate vacation days, travelling isn’t always so convenient. But if you’re one of the many people in Egypt who want to visit India, you’re in luck. India by the Nile is bringing you the culture and scenes you longed to see right here in Egypt. For the sixth time in a row, all the beautiful culture of India will be on display all over Egypt.

India by the Nile is a cultural festival organized to show the world India’s rich culture. At the festival, you can watch performances, attend seminars and workshops, or even tour the exhibitions available. 

For fans of India’s iconic song and dance, don’t miss the Grammy-winning Sarod player, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, who’ll be performing in the Arab Music Institute and Sayed Darwish Theatre. If you know your Indian music, you’ll know about the late Kabir and his timeless verses. You’ll also be excited to hear that one of the performances in the festival will be of Kabir Café, a band dedicated to shedding light on Kabir’s talents by fusing them with a mix of newer tunes.

As per the traditional Indian dances, you can catch Malavika Sarukkai’s Ensemble in Cairo and Alexandria. The dynamic team of dancers are famous for their “Thai – the Loom” dance. Translated to “dance cloth”, this performance is a display of the artistic relationship that brings together a dancer, and a weaver.

But if you’re really into the Bollywood dances, you can attend one of the seven workshops available, with five being held in Cairo, one in Alexandria, and another in Port Said. You can also learn about Indian design sketching from the world renowned fashion designer, Tarun Tahiliani, in her interactive session. And to relax after all this hard work, India by the Nile is bringing you insight into Indian Yoga, with five Yoga & Well Being workshops, as well as one Yoga seminar.

In Helwan University, you can attend the Yogesh Saini exhibition, where this famous street artist will display his unique art. Another way you can see more of India’s beauty is through the eyes of Egyptian Photographer, Khaled Gawdat, who’ll be taking us through his visit to India via his photographs. You can also check out two screenings in Cairo of Baahubali, the award winning blockbuster, and Hawaa Hawaii, the children’s film. But if it’s the cuisine you wish to experience, then head to Semiramis InterContinental’s restaurant, India along the Nile, from March 10th to March 16th, and enjoy a delicious five-day Indian food fiesta.

This is a chance to see a world completely different from yours, and right at your footstep too. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace a different culture, all whilst creating unforgettable memories.

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