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International Women’s Day: Celebrating Celebrity Advocates for Change

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International Women’s Day: Celebrating Celebrity Advocates for Change
written by
Malak Gharib

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, it’s essential to acknowledge celebrities’ influential role in championing meaningful causes and driving positive change within their communities. From Hollywood stars to renowned activists, these women are more than icons in their respective fields but powerful advocates for social justice and equality. Join us as we spotlight some of the notable celebrities who have dedicated their time and resources to charitable endeavours, embodying strength and resilience as they strive to make a difference in the lives of others.



The eminent figure in Arab entertainment, Sivin Hafez Nasim, known by her stage name Youssra, emerged as a prominent personality in the 1970s film industry. Beyond her illustrious career on screen, Yousra has also made significant strides as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, leveraging her influence to advocate for various humanitarian causes. Her impact transcends borders, earning her recognition as the 29th most influential Arab woman, according to Arabian Business. Youssra’s dedication has garnered over 50 prestigious awards, celebrating her invaluable contributions as a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador.


Hend Sabry

Image via World Food Programme

An impactful presence and extensive outreach efforts marked Hend Sabry’s journey as a World Food Programme Ambassador, though her departure from the programme in late 2023 amid the Gaza crisis was notable. In a comprehensive press release, she articulated her stance on the ongoing crisis, emphasising her commitment to humanitarian causes. Sabry’s decision underscored her dedication to raising awareness and advocating for those affected by conflict.


Mona Zaki

Mona Zaki, a dedicated UNICEF ambassador and a renowned actress, has made strides for children by participating in multiple national charity campaigns, particularly focusing on child-related issues. Her efforts have significantly raised awareness about pressing matters such as child labour, malnutrition, poverty, the impact of violence on children, and the eradication of female genital mutilation (FGM). 


Salma Abu Deif

Image via Vogue Arabia

Egyptian actress Salma Abu Deif joined forces with UNICEF in a bid to combat the COVID-19 crisis. In an Instagram video, she implored her 1.6 million followers to support UNICEF’s efforts by donating essential supplies and protective equipment to vulnerable communities worldwide. Sporting a UNICEF-branded black t-shirt, Abu Deif emphasised the critical need for resources to prevent further spread of the virus. The 25-year-old influencer directed her followers to the donation link provided in her Instagram bio, highlighting the significance of aiding the non-profit organisation in protecting families and children during those challenging times. Additionally, Abu Deif is a UN Aid Ambassador.


Tara Emad

Image via eeMe

Tara Emad founded “Help From Your Heart Foundation” to advocate for and assist orphans, street children, and individuals lacking educational resources, irrespective of gender or religion. The organisation raises awareness of these issues and provides essential needs such as food, clothing, books, and educational funds. Emad’s initiative aims to create a more inclusive and supportive society by addressing the needs of marginalised and underserved communities.