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Kahraman Lounge at Madinaty Golf Club: The Distinctive Taste of Ramadan

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Kahraman Lounge at Madinaty Golf Club: The Distinctive Taste of Ramadan
written by
Nada Medhat

This Ramadan, the beautiful Golf Terrace at Madinaty Golf Club transforms into a magnificent lounge draped with a Turkish atmosphere, as though it’s a magic trick from the Thousand and One Nights. Only it’s better. This is reality! 

The lounge is none other than Kahraman Lounge, the biggest venue in Madinaty, presented by Kempinski Nile Hotel. Usually, the Golf Terrace offers a relaxing atmosphere with exceptional dining hospitality, serving the best of Mediterranean cuisine. However, for its Ramadan transformation, all its excellent qualities are maximised!

Kempinski Nile Hotel is known for the incredible quality and delicacy of food and service at its restaurants. We wouldn’t expect any less from Kempinski.

Kahraman Lounge joins what’s new and trendy for Ramadan 2022! So, if you’re looking for a new spot to experience Ramadan, Kahraman Lounge is an ideal fit for your plans. 

The lounge serves both Iftar and Suhoor and is decorated with everything Ottoman, and you won’t help but feel like royalty while savouring the five-star buffet for Iftar. The buffet, ready with live stations, is a study in sophistication; both local and international dishes take their place on the buffet, and a variety of famous Ramadan sweets and juices are also offered. 

The amazing Iftar buffet will have you tasting the distinct Ramadan nostalgia in the air. 

Suhoor is no less magical. The menu comprises all your favourite traditional dishes, all prepared with the greatest attention to detail, with the delicacy and sophistication characteristic of Kempinski’s restaurants. Moreover, every weekend during Suhoor, live entertainment is made up of the most melodic and beautiful classical and Egyptian melodies. So while eating your Suhoor, you’ll be entertained with live performances from artists like Lena Chamamyan and Reda El Bahrawy, among many others.

If you have a private or special evening in mind, you can also book an exclusive seating area, and your privacy will be guaranteed alongside the supreme service!

Kahraman Lounge opens daily, starting at 6:00 pm. After Iftar finishes at 9:30 pm, Suhoor starts at 10:00 pm and ends at 2:00 am.