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Le Printemps des Artistes: Uniting Cultures & Empowering Communities

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Le Printemps des Artistes: Uniting Cultures & Empowering Communities
written by
Malak Gharib
Photography by Mahmoud Hawary

This weekend will see the much-anticipated return of Le Printemps des Artistes, an ensemble that brings together contemporary artists residing in Egypt for an art sale and exhibition. The 8th edition of Le Printemps des Artistes will be held on the 17th and 18th of May at Heliopolis’ Villa Magenta (located at 25 Ramses Street, Korba, Heliopolis). Here is everything you need to know about the event.

As collaborative efforts come together, from local artists to dedicated art enthusiasts, the 8th edition of Le Printemps des Artistes comes to life to fuel the funding of the Samusocial International Egypte, an NGO dedicated to aiding street children and young women. This year, the non-profit endeavour aims to bring even more impact than the previous successful editions by sponsoring 120 young girls approaching the age of 18 from the Agouza and Kasserat government shelters to enter the workforce.

Artwork by Riham El Shamy

On two unmissable days, the art sale and exhibition are open to the public between 10 am and 6 pm. This year’s edition promises a vibrant and rich tapestry of artistic voices as the exhibition features artists from diverse Egyptian landscapes and backgrounds, giving it a fresh perspective. With 12 artists hailing from Alexandria and 13 from Luxor, expect to indulge in various artisan inspirations throughout the event. 

Since its establishment in 2017, Le Printemps des Artistes has been a beacon of artistic collaboration and social responsibility, garnering more recognition and success with every passing edition. The event is organised by nine volunteer women of various nationalities, all based in Cairo: French, Egyptian, Belgian, Swiss, Lebanese, Moroccan, Tunisian, Irish, and Nicaraguan. As the exhibition celebrates diversity for a good cause, make sure not to miss out on the artistic and diversity-enriched ensemble.

Artwork by Abdelrahman Mahmoud