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Looking for a Place to Write? Head to Beit May Telmissany next March for a Secluded Stay

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Looking for a Place to Write? Head to Beit May Telmissany next March for a Secluded Stay
    written by
    Mariam Nowar

    (Image credit: Beit May Telmissany)

    Writing literature requires inspiration, especially if you’re looking to finish a novel or a story or an important topic. The creativity process always flows more smoothly when you’re away from the hustle and bustle, and in a quiet, relaxing place. To make matters easier, Beit May Telmissany is a house that is ready to receive all kinds of writers looking for a place to stay during their creative time.

    Set to open next March, whether you’re working on literary, critique, or translation pieces, Telmissany has you covered with various workshops and seminars.


    In an interview with Shorouk News, its founder, May Telmissany, said that the idea came to mind about two years ago, when she bought a country house on the Alexandria Desert Road. It was initially meant as an office for her, her husband, and her father, but, step by step, the house was transformed into a place that receives everyone interested in writing.

    For up to three weeks, you can stay at the house to dedicate yourself only to writing, where you’ll be far away from all distractions. Since it’s an hour and a half away from Cairo, the place is appropriate for your time of seclusion. You will also be making friends with fellow writers working on their own projects.

    Telmissany is in talks with a few Egyptian organisations to reach an agreement for running the house, which could also run parallel with another project called Friends of Beit Telmissany. Whoever is interested in staying in the house must submit around two pages of the field they’re interested in, and decide the duration of their stay, from one week, up to three weeks. There is no age range, but hey must be published authors, and they cannot bring someone along or have any visits.

    The house has a countryside feel to it, with farms surrounding the premises, which gives it a definite vibe of tranquillity. It also includes internet and meals. Telmissany will be hosting visitors from January to June, and then it will shut down for the rest of the year for renovations and maintenance.

    Telmissany was born in Cairo on the first of July, 1965, and she is a novelist, translator, academic, and movie critic. She currently works in teaching cinema and Arab studies at the University of Ottawa in Canada.

    Get in touch with Beit Telmissany on its Facebook page here.