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Mawaweel 2014: Festival Returns with More Alternative Ramadan Fun

Mawaweel 2014: Festival Returns with More Alternative Ramadan Fun
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Cairo 360

Now that we’re in the third week of Ramadan, the usual routine of dragging your tired carcass out of bed in the morning and sitting through work like a zombie before dragging your carcass back home for a pre-fetar nap should all be out of our systems.

But you’d be forgiven for getting caught up in systematic hibernation that seems to wash over Cairo during Ramadan – it’s hot outside and there isn’t really much to do.

This weekend, however, cultural festival, Mawaweel returns, thanks to more good work from Darb 1718 and the Cairo Jazz Club Agency, who have put up in impressive line-up of entertainment for this year’s edition of the festival.

Taking place over two weekends (Thursday 17th-Friday 18th and Thursday 24th-Friday 25th) the first two nights feature live entertainment. On Thursday, things kick-off with a tahbeet performance, before Hawadiro Band take to the stage. Rounding the night off is, Ghalia Benali, who is no stranger to Cairo crowds, following a string of performances this year that have seen the Belgian-Tunisian singer perform everywhere from Cairo Jazz Club to El Genaina Theatre.

On Friday, the nought begins with more traditional Middle Eastern entertainment in the form of a tannoura performance. This will be followed by more live music, courtesy of the Sufi-inspired performers of Mawlawiyah and Alexandrian band, Ashara Gharby.

Outside of the stage, there’s plenty to keep Cairenes entertained, with a bazaar showcasing the best of local artisanship, plenty of food and drink forsohour as well as screenings of short films, amongst other things.

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