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Memory Archives: Revisiting Iconic Egyptian Ramadan Shows

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Memory Archives: Revisiting Iconic Egyptian Ramadan Shows
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Cairo 360
Art by Reham El Sokary, Retrieved from Instagram

For decades, immersing ourselves in Ramadan series has been a tradition woven into the fabric of our culture in Egypt. With over 30 series released every Ramadan, it’s only natural that a few gems would emerge over the years as perennial favourites, transcending time and leaving an indelible mark on our hearts. From Alf Leila W Leila to Nelly and Sherihan’s Fawazeer, let’s go on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, where we reminisce about the timeless classics that have etched themselves into the collective memory of generations.


Alf Leila W Leila

Image via Apple Music

Alf Leila W Leila was a long-running radio show, captivating listeners for years. With Zouzou Nabil’s soothing voice as Scheherazade, it only makes sense that this series would have become an iconic classic.


Fawazeer Ramadan

Still from Fawazeer Ramadan

A beloved classic recognised by all, Fawazeer Ramadan debuted in 1960 to revolutionise the whole entertainment industry. Originally hosted on the radio by none other than Amal Fahmi, known as the “Queen of Words,” Fawazeer Ramadan engaged the audience with mind-bending riddles, drawing eager listeners around the radio. On TV, where the riddles took on a musical format, the show would welcome a new star as the host every few years. Now though, Fawazeer Ramadan has become synonymous with two particular iconic hosts, Nelly and Sherihan.


Layaly Al Helmiya

Image via Al Arab News

Starring Yahya El Fakharany and Safia El Emari, Layaly Al Helmiya is a tale of rural resilience, urban ambition, and intense vengeance in the Cairo neighbourhood of Helmiya. With six seasons, the show underscores the changes within society throughout the years with a great element of realism, which is almost always met with the audience’s love.


Yawmiyat Wanis

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A Ramadan fixture for nearly two decades, Yawmiyat Wanis starred Mohamed Sobhi as Wanis and revolved around Wanis and his family. More than just entertainment, this show played a significant role in the upbringing of several generations, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.


Lann A’iesh Fi Gilbab Aby

A drama TV show, Lann A’iesh Fi Gilbab Aby, is a story full of love, dedication, and family bonds. Starring the beloved Abla Kamel and Nour ElSherif, it’s a given that most of us got attached to this show. This show has graced every generation’s hearts for years on end and continues to do so.



Everyone remembers Bakkar and his pet goat, Rashida. Whether reminiscing about Bakkar’s adventures or recalling the iconic theme song by Mohamed Mounir, the memories of this unforgettable cartoon continue to evoke warmth and fondness in the hearts of generations.


A’elat Al Hajj Metwali

Still from A’elat Al Hajj Metwali

The story of an esteemed businessman married to four different women, A’elat Al Hajj Metwali seamlessly weaves in comedic elements with love and emotions. Frankly, we’d expect nothing less from its iconic cast, which includes Nour ElSherif, Ghada Abdel Razek, Magda Zaki, Rania Youssef, and Somaya ElKhashab.


Zaza & Gargir

Still from Zaza & Gargir

For anyone who grew up in Egypt in the late 2000s, the puppet show Zaza & Gargir likely holds a significant place in their core childhood memories. Even today, its catchy and memorable theme song remains etched in the hearts of many.


Yetraba Fe Ezzo

Still from Yetraba Fe Ezzo

Another iconic show with a timeless theme song engraved in everyone’s memory is Yetraba Fe Ezzo starring Yahya El Fakharany. Centred around the amusing antics of the spoiled Hamada Ezzo, the show brought a lot of laughter and love into our lives.



Image via Sound Effects Wiki

Sinuhe, Habi, and Titi Sherri: A trio of beloved characters from our childhood! Sinuhe, a unique animated series drawing inspiration from ancient Egyptian characters, delved into the life of an ancient child from that era. Given Egypt’s withstanding reputation as “the Hollywood of the Middle East,” it’s no wonder that this show captured not only the hearts of Egyptians but also audiences across the region.


Ayza Atgawez

Still from Ayza Atgawez

A comedy of manners, Ayza Atgawez is all about Ola, played by the iconic Hend Sabry, and her humorous, desperate quest for marriage. Besides being a relatable show for many, it elicited uproarious laughter from all viewers!


Al Kabeer

Still from Al Kabeer

Even as this series continues its legendary journey, there’s no denying that reflecting on the earlier seasons featuring the original duo of Ahmed Mekky and Donia Samir Ghanem invokes a profound sense of nostalgia.


Bent Esmaha Zaat

Still from Bent Esmaha Zaat

Bent Esmaha Zaat serves as a captivating window into Egypt’s social and political evolution over the years, offering a poignant historical narrative through Zaat’s eyes. Every element in this series, from the profound themes and bittersweet plot to the authentic costumes and outstanding acting, unites to present a masterpiece that deeply resonates with viewers.