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Mohamed Ramadan to Perform Live for the Very First Time

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Mohamed Ramadan to Perform Live for the Very First Time
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Featured image via Mohamed Ramadan



Mohamed Ramadan has slowly, but surely, cemented his name in the Egyptian entertainment industry. From small acting roles at school to a hit career that started with ‘The Cinderella’ TV series, then the film ‘Ehky Ya Shahrazad’. From there he went on to star in blockbusters produced by the famous Egyptian producers ‘Mohamed & Ahmed El Sobky’, and iconic TV series. Ramadan’s rise to fame and fortune is quite impressive.

Ramadan also received a rave review from actor Omar Al Sherif. Recently, Ramadan has bolstered his successful acting career via a series of songs and music videos that have sparked controversy. While critics claimed that he has an incredibly inflated ego, others were falling in love with his tunes. All this, and more, has undoubtedly made Ramadan a household name in Egypt and the Middle East. Indeed, all you have to do is attend any wedding in Egypt and you’re bound to hear one of Mohamed Ramadan’s original songs (or more) being played.

If you’re one of us, a lover of his presence and persona, as well as his acting chops and super-hype music, you are going to be thrilled to know that he will be holding his first live concert on March the 29th at AL Manara Theatre – 5th Settlement.

Excited yet? Tickets are available on TicketsMarche’s website, so go ahead and start buying for you and your loved ones. Prices are quite reasonable, ranging from 250LE for the Bronze, 500 LE for the Silver, and 1000 LE for the Gold.

You don’t want to miss out on such a day; we know that the attendees will bear witness to a one-of-a-kind gig. Hurry up and book your space, because ‘Number 1’, ‘Ana El Malek’ and ‘Mafia’ and more of Ramadan’s hits will be performed live for the very first time!



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