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Mohamed Salah to Get His Own Museum
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Cairo 360

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We usually take any chance we get to talk about one of our favourite people, Mohamed Salah, but it seems someone has just upstaged us with a huge gesture. The Ministry of Youth & Sports has taken the first steps towards establishing a museum with the name Sane’ El-Bahga (translating to the creator of joy), after the nickname given to our international star, Mohamed Salah.

This decision coincides with Salah winning his second African Footballer of The Year award. The Ministry plans to finalise the preparations quickly, and the location will be El-Gezirah Youth Center. Salah is set to attend the opening of the museum in person, as he will have returned to Egypt by June to prepare for Egypt’s venture in the Africa Cup of Nations 2019, taking place in our beloved Egypt.

So what can one see in a Salah museum? Well, the museum will detail Salah’s journey into international football, starting from his small local steps, all the way to international stardom, including all the journeys and milestones in between. The museum will also feature the trophies and individual titles Salah has won, in addition to documentaries showcasing his greatest achievements.

While the main focus of the museum might be Salah’s achievements, the establishment will also pay homage to the many stars of Egyptian football that have made their country proud, telling, through their stories, the story of how Egyptian football has developed.