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Motion Art Gallery Resumes the Season with Caroline Berzi’s ‘Genesis’

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Motion Art Gallery Resumes the Season with Caroline Berzi’s ‘Genesis’
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    Among the many activities that came to a halt because of the pandemic is the Egyptian art season. Indeed, some galleries made attempts to stir the water stilled by the quarantine through curating online shows. However helpful that has been to art lovers in Cairo, nothing compares to the captivating surrounding of an art gallery.

    Celebrating the return of life in Cairo, Motion Art Gallery in Zamalek hosts Caroline Berzi’s latest artistic offerings, ‘Genesis’. The artist’s first solo show discusses nature’s ability to self-heal, posing the question of whether human help is reliable when it comes  to adjusting their consumption behaviour to make a positive impact on the ecosystem.

    The environmentally-conscious theme was nurtured in Berzi’s mind and soul by her business studies, and her seven-year career as a financial analyst. The fruits of her notions finally took an artistic form when she decided to become a full-time artist.

    The Cairo-based artist cemented her talents in 2019, with a Post Bachelor Studio Art Degree from SACI, Florence.

    “My intention is to render value to discarded durable materials, and create an exceptional experience for people which is also educational in its meaning”.

    Berzi’s collection, which comprises various mixed-media exhibits, advocates her cause while maintaining their artistic aspect. She tackled the crudeness of the recycled material using paints, offering them a new identity.
    Ranging from the classic to the contemporary, the pieces pay tribute to the delicacy and beauty of nature as womanlike, using flowers as a symbol.

    The outcome is a range of multi-dimensional masterpieces that serve a purpose without compromising the primary purpose of art; an oasis of beauty where the eyes can rest.

    ‘Genesis’, which was initially due to launch last March, is now up-and-running till the 10th of July for anyone who is looking for a breath of positivity amid the turbulence we’re currently living in.

    Mindful of the current situation, the gallery has opened its doors for viewers to enjoy the show through booking private viewing sessions click here.