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November Gigs You Don’t Wanna Miss Out On

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November Gigs You Don’t Wanna Miss Out On
    written by
    Salma Sabek

    Connecting to ourselves and our roots through music has been the Egyptian way for as long as we can remember. If we can do that while shouting the often poetic and always emotional lyrics of our favourite songs at the top of our lungs in a crowd of hundreds, then we’re all set! This month has three concerts from musicians from different parts of the region that are sure to give us everything we’ve been craving lately, and we highly recommend you plan a weekend (or two) around them.


    Extra Bass Festival, 19th of November

    A festival is only as good as its line-up, and Extra Bass has one of the best collections of alternative Arab musicians we’ve seen in a while. The highly anticipated concert will feature the two renowned Egyptian bands, Disco Misr and Massar Egbari, to give us the energy we desperately need this month. The festival will also see a host of popular and diverse Jordanian musicians, including indie band Autostrad, with their unique Amman edgy sounds; El Morraba3, with their melancholic and blood-pumping songs; and Aziz Maraka bringing with him his Razz (Rock-Jazz) tunes for us all to enjoy.  The concert will take place on Friday, the 19th of November, in Family Park, Rehab. You can buy the tickets online from, where the Silver ticket costs 300 LE, the Gold ticket is 500 LE, and VIP tickets are 700 LE.


    Ghalia Benali and EL Masryeen, 20th of November

    Ghalia Benali is the Tunisian musician that stole all our hearts when she first entered the music scene all these years ago. With a mischievous glint in her eyes, a twirl in her step and centuries-worth of culturally meaningful sounds, she manages to transport us to another place and time where we feel rooted in our sentimental Arab identities. The “daughter of the wind” will grace the Zamalek Theatre on Saturday, the 20th of November. Along with her band, she’ll bring us a night of nostalgia and holistic music fit to heal our souls and give us a joyful reprieve from the daily grind. You can buy the tickets online from, where the standing ticket costs 250 LE, and the seated ticket is 350 LE.


    JadaL, 26th of November

    After what feels like an eternity, JadaL are finally coming back to Cairo. We’re expecting the Jordanian rock band to play old fan-favourites like Ana Bakhaf Min El Commitment and Min Shaf Habibi that will drive their fans absolutely wild. What we’re incredibly excited about, however, is them playing songs from their latest album La Tlou’ El Daw, which we’re sure their dedicated Egyptian fan base can’t wait to listen to live for the first time. The concert will take place on Friday, the 26th of November, in Family Park, Rehab. You can buy the tickets online from, where the regular ticket costs 250 LE, the fan pit ticket is 450 LE and VIP tickets are 600 LE.