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Omar Khairat to Perform Live This March
written by
Cairo 360

Although we grew up listening –unconsciously- to his masterpieces (you know those famous extravagant intros to the most famous 90’s Egyptian TV series), we weren’t fully aware of just how amazing Omar Khairat was until we were adults. Indeed, Khairat has left us all enamoured with his music scores, which seamlessly and subtly wormed their way into our ears, hearts, and minds. As such, it is no exaggeration to say that Khairat sits among legends like Hans Zimmer, Clunt Mastell, Jesper Kyd, and Steve Jablonsky.

And with that, we are more than happy to announce that Omar Khairat is going to be performing his masterpieces at Mall of Arabia’s THE PARK on the 1st of March 2019. Tickets are available on Virgin Megastores’ website. The costs vary, depending on where you want to sit of course: VIP tickets go for 1400 LE, gold tickets are 1000 LE, silver tickets cost 800 LE, and bronze tickets go for 600 LE. Cairo 360 advises you to rush and grab your ticket before they sell out.