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Racotis Art Brings You “Atmosphere” Virtual Exhibition

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Racotis Art Brings You “Atmosphere” Virtual Exhibition
written by
May Mansour

Image credit: Eman Osama

The world we live in today is vastly changing with evermore present reformations of practices that can no longer serve our environment the way they once did. Safety is now the priority. Isolation and social distancing are the norms. Organisations are rethinking their strategies and reinventing their business models in the name of progress, and the media and arts sectors are no exceptions to the rule.

Virtual exhibitions have become a transformation of significant importance in the global art market. In Egypt, the notion is spearheaded by Racotis, an online gallery and consultancy platform. It aims to produce unique, purpose-driven, and conceptual designs for all kinds of artworks, whether small or large scale, as well as private and public projects.

Their latest conception “Atmosphere” is a virtual experience showcasing 85 artworks by 22 emerging and established contemporary Egypt-based artists.

The word itself has three separate meanings, where it originally and technically signifies the envelope of gases surrounding a planet. Atmosphere also means the mood or general feeling within a space or produced by a particular person, element, or idea, or the atmosphere of an artwork in this case.

The idea is to encompass a multitude of meanings to incorporate the endless possibilities an “Atmosphere” can produce. Here the artists have a range of emotions and concepts to toy with. From the cosmically childlike and colourful creations of Chadi Adib Salama and the black and white meticulous expressions of the complex human experience by Ahmed Elzalabany to the ominous yet captivating elements of disconnection (at times even in togetherness) portrayed by Khaled M Wahab and the intense and magical portraits by Souad Abdel Rasoul. And the list goes on and on with alluring sculptures and paintings of all sorts.

The online exhibition is accessible and easy to manoeuvre through, allowing art lovers the capacity to explore a fascinating collection without the distraction of technical effort or difficulties, and will run until the 31st of January. The full experience is a pleasurable ignition for the senses and a wholesome escapade from the mundane in our day to day lives.

You can purchase your new work of art here.