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Ramadan is Extra Special at Marriott Mena House Cairo

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Ramadan is Extra Special at Marriott Mena House Cairo
written by
Nada Medhat

Ramadan in Cairo is something else altogether, even when it’s stripped of everything else, it remains special. But, it happens that a thing or two in the big city can make it even better! Marriott Mena House, Cairo is definitely one of them!

Marriott Mena House, Cairo has carefully brought together multiple ingredients to make this Ramadan extra special! With the legendary Pyramids in the background, landscaped gardens spread ahead of you, and intimate seating arrangements, 139 Pavilion leaves little to be desired. The unique dining experience for Iftar comes with an amazing buffet prepared down to the tiniest details for this season. Full of the best traditional oriental dishes, you’ll be counting the seconds until the Iftar canon so you can get your hands on the buffet! There, you’ll find everything from Molokhia and Vermicelli rice to beef with mushroom sauce. If it’s not Egyptian you’re craving, both Indian and Lebanese items will fill the buffet too.

When it’s time for suhoor, it is no less special! Level Up will gather you and your friends in its festive spirits. The suhoor menu is varied to include whatever your mind craves! From cold mezzas and ful to shawarma sandwiches or hawashi, we’re certain you’ll leave so full, you’ll barely even be able to eat by the next day’s iftar! The suhoor will start every day from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Should you plan to organize an Iftar or Suhoor at any venue of your choice, let us take care of all your catering needs with our unmatched gastronomic delicacies and dedicated events team. For iftar, there are Ramadan-themed menus Lamet Ramadan, Sofret El Pasha and Al Waleema, specially designed to fit your gatherings. Each themed-meal is a full five-course meal with different colours and flavours that will satisfy your palate and fill up your stomach!

Just like the many themed Iftar menus that the Marriott Mena house, Cairo offers, there are Ramadan-themed suhoor menus as well: Layali Al Khedivy, Layali Mena House and Layali Ramadan. Each menu has its own creations and dishes that will make you feel like you’re having a traditional suhoor, but definitely in a non-traditional way! 

For more information and reservations, call 02 33773222 or send a WhatsApp on 01068817727.