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Ramadan Nights on a Budget: Enjoy the Very Best of the Capital Without Breaking the Bank

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Ramadan Nights on a Budget: Enjoy the Very Best of the Capital Without Breaking the Bank
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Cairo 360

For the past week of Ramadan, we’ve been sharing info on various tents all across the capital that you cannot miss. Now it’s time to move on to another important segment of this time of year: The celebrations! We’ve combined a group of the best and cheapest upcoming daily celebrations in Cairo to ensure that you have a festive and unforgettable Ramadan. There will be different venues from the 9th day of Ramadan until the 12th, then the remaining days will be dedicated to the renowned setting, Bayt Al-Suhaymi, near El Moez Street.

9th Ramadan

Prinze Taz Palace will host the first school in Egypt for religious singing at 9:30 pm. Over at Talaat Harb Culture Center, at the same time, there will be the Leilah El Kibeera Operetta for two nights. An hour earlier, the centre will also be conducting a handicraft workshop for anyone who fancies art and making decorations or Ramadan lanterns.

10th Ramadan

You can attend the event, “Ramadan Nights in Foustat”, at the Foustat Traditional Crafts Center at 9:30 pm. The event will include an epic performance by Amer Touni’s Al Mawlawiya Al Masriya and Al Ayady Al Masriya Exhibition that will display authentic crafts from different governorates that will last for two consecutive nights. An additional performance will be held on the 12th of Ramadan by the orchestra of the Arabic Oud House. Finally, the Sultan Al Ghuri Complex will host Al Tannoura Troupe during the same day.         

11th Ramadan

To celebrate the late singer and composer, Sayed Mekawy, Beshtak Palace, one of the most historic palaces and museums in Cairo, will conduct a cultural salon, called Makamat, at 9:30 pm. Approximately 250 km away in Alex at the Alexandria Center of Arts, you can revel in an oriental night, around the same time, with Yaser El Sharkawy. We now move on to Bayt Al-Suhaymi, where you can listen to the musical styles of the band from the National Center for Theater & Music.       

12th Ramadan

What is Ramadan without some hilarious puppet shows, under the direction of Dr Nabil Bahgat, and shadow games that are fun for all ages?! You can check them out at Bayt Al-Suhaymi on the 12th and 19th.

All the following events will be held at Bayt Al-Suhaymi.

14th Ramadan

Director, Abdelrahman Al Shafie, brings to you the Nile Group for Popular Musical Instruments in a piece called, Shabit Al Inhad Al Diny. An encore will be performed on the 21st day of Ramadan.

15th Ramadan

For three nights, from 8-10 pm, learn how to create new forms of lanterns for your family and friends under the mentorship and guidance of artist, Mostafa El Sabbagh. Also, Sheikh Ezzat Al Kirshy takes us back in time with a telling of the biography of Al Hilaliya on the 15th and 17th days of Ramadan. If you miss Al Kirshy, you can catch Sheikh Ramadan Al Doo’s session on the 16th

18th Ramadan

Another amazing performance by the band from the National Center for Theater & Music.  

22nd Ramadan

Egyptian singer, Asrar El Gammal, concludes the list of epic events with her mesmerising show for only 50 LE per ticket.