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Ramadan Reflections: Lessons Learned From Aala Nesbet Moshahda

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Ramadan Reflections: Lessons Learned From Aala Nesbet Moshahda
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Cairo 360
Still from Aala Nesbet Moshahda

This Ramadan, a standout series that captivated everyone is Aala Nesbet Moshahda. By realistically portraying some contemporary cultural issues, this series offers some thought-provoking concepts from which we can glean valuable insight. So, here are some of the major takeaways from the series that struck us most.


Pursuit of External Validation

External validation—we all need it, right? However, there does come a point where it becomes too much. If we constantly seek it instead of giving ourselves some real, internal validation, then something does not sit right. In Aala Nesbet Moshahda, Shaimaa’s relentless pursuit of external validation through social media fuels almost all the conflicts that unfold throughout the series.


Lack of Familial Care

It seems that Shaimaa’s craving for external validation can be traced to her family. While we do not recommend blaming anyone for your own choices and actions, there’s always a root cause for everything, and a lesson awaits you. For Shaimaa, beneath her actions lies a deeper need for familial care and love — which even her parents second by the end of the series.


Potent Peer Pressure

The series sheds light on the pervasive influence of peer pressure. Thanks to peer pressure from Shaimaa’s sister, a social media fanatic, Shaimaa gets immersed in the world of social media. While, again, acknowledging personal responsibility is crucial, peer pressure can be pretty potent, and succumbing to its sway can worsen situations.


The Illusion of Instant Gratification

In Aala Nesbet Moshahda, Shaimaa entangles herself in a vicious cycle of resorting to get-rich-quick and get-quick-gratification schemes, only to end up with remorse and regret. Her decision to get married solely for views, besides underscoring the inauthenticity of social media, starkly illustrates her insatiable appetite for gratification and money. All of her schemes underline the drawbacks of social media, but that lesson applies to any quick fixes we seek in life.


Protect Your Digital Footprint!

You need to protect your digital footprint—right here, right now. If there’s one lesson you should take away from this series, it better be this one. It’s pretty straightforward: whatever you post on social media remains etched on the internet indefinitely, emphasising the importance of mindful online behaviour. Unfortunately, Shaimaa in Aala Nesbet Moshahda learns this the hard way through an online scandal she gets ensnared in.