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Rania Shereen: The Egyptian Photographer Looking to Capture Love

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Rania Shereen: The Egyptian Photographer Looking to Capture Love
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Featured image via Rania Shereen


Should it be any surprise that many of the most memorable images of the past year were by photographers of the smartphone generation? It’s not easy to find someone who can capture a mix of rawness and clarity, while still having an understanding of modern photography, where everything depends on the edit and filters.

Rania Shereen has got us excited with her talent for photography. She goes with the motto “I photograph people in love”. Shereen is in a partnership with Concetto Studios, and you can find her photos published there, and also on her Instagram account “raniashereensphotography”.

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Farah & adham ???????????????? makeup by @fatmabahgat , hair @rizkhairstudio , dress @carolinayassa

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Every time Rania Shereen presses the shutter button, she’s thinking about creating an image that conveys these impressions: remote, timeless, hopeful, uplifting, and regal. These adjectives form the core of her approach to photography.

Each photo captured shows a real smile or a natural pose, nothing seems to be scripted. Shereen not only captures special moments but also captures the beauty of simplicity. It’s not easy to find a photographer nowadays who is down to earth and doesn’t fake a shoot.