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Realme’s Newest Photography Campaign Will Help You “Power Your Style”

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Realme’s Newest Photography Campaign Will Help You “Power Your Style”
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When you combine two simple colours, like red and blue, they create a new vibrant colour: purple. Following the same logic, when you combine two simple words, such as “youth” and “creativity”, they form an infinite number of possibilities. This very equation is the formula that realme is currently highlighting in its ongoing photography campaign for its latest product, the realme 3, under the captivating title: “Power your Style”.

Before we start describing the specs of this highly technological invention, let’s talk further about realme and its innovative campaign. Firstly, the brand was initially established on May 4, 2018, by Sky Li former VP of OPPO and other young individuals from various countries, according to Wikipedia. Its first smartphone product, realme 1, sold more than 400,000 units in the first 30 days on Amazon India alone!

After its notable success in the Egyptian market, and especially the mid-range segment, realme is set to add a new product, the realme 3, to keep its position in the market as the game changer, which provides users high-end technology like a Helio P60 processor for the first time in its price range.

This leads to the main purpose of this article: the photography campaign and how you have an unmissable opportunity to win your very own realme 3 in just three simple steps. As previously mentioned, the theme of this campaign is to emphasise the young, energetic spirit that has been increasingly rising in Egypt, and how it knows no limits. Also, the flourishing manufacturer has come up with an innovative campaign that coincides with the new device, since it is stylish, hip, and luxuriously designed.

The idea of the campaign is pretty straightforward. Firstly, you take a step outside and do whatever it is that you excel at, in any arena. Secondly, capture your most energetic and colourful of moments by recording a video or taking a still image. Finally, post your visuals using the hashtags #PowerYourStyle #دوس_بطريقتك #ريلمى_3_معدى_بمراحل

Upon finishing this task, you will have officially secured a chance to win a brand new realme 3. It’s that simple! In case anyone is interested in the amazing technical specs of the product, here is a concise description. We start with the P60: High performance with excellent power consumption control. Next, we have the unique starry designs: 3D Unibody with “Gradient Particles”. And, of course, a 4230mAh battery: Lasting long with unlimited power endurance.

Bottom line, just unleash your creativity and let your imagination soar to make the best photo ever, no matter how crazy it may be. Just be sure to share why you enjoy doing this particular activity. Hurry up, the competition ends on Sunday; best of luck to all!