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Reliving the Aly Badrkhan Experience at Zawya Cinema

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Reliving the Aly Badrkhan Experience at Zawya Cinema
written by
Malak Gharib

Zawya Cinema brings back the 1981 cinema experience this month! Having begun on the 2nd of December and running until the 26th of December, their latest “Cima Aly Badrkhan Program” celebrates the work of the renowned director’s contributions to Egyptian cinema. The retrospective features five films starring icons, including Soad Hosny and Ahmed Zaky. Here’s everything you need to know about these films. 


Ahl Al Qema

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Initially released in 1981, Ahl Al Qema stars Soaad Hosny and Nour Al Sherif. Discussing the battle between love and corruption, the screenplay was written by none other than Naguib Mahfouz. The movie was centred around the corruption that followed the liberalisation of the economy in the ’80s, when many built a fortune through tax evasion. But when the protagonist falls in love with the sister of a law enforcement official, everything changes. You can catch the movie’s screening on Sunday the 24th of December. 


The Past Love (Al Hob Alazy Kan)

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Starring Soad Hosny and Mahmoud Yassin, The Past Love counts the battle of social image and love. Despite appearing as a happily married woman, Soad Hosny revolts against society’s norms on the nuclear family and decides to revisit an old love of hers. Released in 1973, the movie’s provocative themes sparked controversy and discussion within Egyptian society at the time. You can catch the film screening on Wednesday 13th of December at Zawya.


Al Karnak

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Produced in 1975, Al Karnak is an Egyptian political masterpiece that discusses political imprisonment and freedom of expression. Al Karnak Café, where revolutionists hold meetings in the film, is the main setting of the movie. Being one of Badrkhan’s and Naguib Mahfouz’s most recognised projects, the movie was controversial and banned by Youssef El Sebai, Minister of Culture at the time. Out of dedication to the masterpiece, Kamal El Shenawy, one of the lead actors, went to the late President  Al Saadat’s home to show him the film to approve its screening. Taken aback by El Shenawy’s dedication, the movie was approved by the Egyptian President. You can catch the film screening on Thursday the 14th of December at Zawya Cinema.


Shafika & Metwali

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Originally a tale passed down from one generation to the next, Shafika & Metwali’s first screening was in 1978, starring Ahmed Zaki and Soaad Hosny. You can catch the movie at Zawya Cinema on Saturday 16th of December.


Al Goa’a

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Starring Soad Hosny, the 1986 romance drama was accused of plagiarising Al Harafish, Naguib Mahfouz’s iconic novel. The movie discussed a hunger revolt against an unjust ruler and social issues that emerged at the time. Catch the screening on Tuesday, 26th of December.