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Remembering Magdy Naguib, the Poet Behind Mohamed Mounir’s Timeless Classics

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Remembering Magdy Naguib, the Poet Behind Mohamed Mounir’s Timeless Classics
written by
Malak Gharib
Image via El Watan News

Crowned “The Poet of Colours”, the iconic Magdy Naguib passed away on the 7th of February at the age of 88. The renowned poet and artist had a long and diverse history in the arts, between music, poetry, and visual art. Having written songs for our favourite artists, including Abdel Halim Hafez, Fayza Ahmed, and Sabah, Naguib is most recognised for his work with Mohamed Mounir. His passing brings the end of an era, leaving behind a legendary legacy. To honour his memory, we’ve compiled some fan-favourite songs Naguib wrote for Mohamed Mounir. 



Image via Elmezan

The iconic title track for Mounir’s 1981 album, Shababeek, loved for its heartfelt lyrics, captured everyone’s heart and quickly became one of Mounir’s most successful hits.




Image via Eletgah 

In the 1995 album Momken, the hit title track was composed as a collaboration between Magdy Naguib and Wagih Aziz. The song delves into the singer’s conflict with sadness. The warm tones and optimistic lyrics made Momken an anthem for all those seeking hope in life and finding happiness. 



Image via Filfan

One of many incredible collaborations between Magdy Naguib and Ahmed Mounib, Hawadeet was perfectly composed and written to reflect life through beautiful, light, and heartfelt beats. This timeless classic was released on the 1995 album, Momken.



Image via Albumaty 

Layla, an enchanting track from Mounir’s album Men Awel Lamsa in 1996, captured the essence of Egyptian musical genius. Its release sparked an instant love for Mounir, resonating deeply with audiences and securing its place as a cherished classic.


Baateb ‘Aaleky

Image via Spotify 

Taken from Mounir’s 1983 album Etkalemy, Baateb ‘Aaleky was released in 1984. The song is a letter of rebuke to his lover, with signs of her fading love for him breaking his heart. Naguib’s lyrical genius stood out immensely in the heartbreaking track. 


Ya Marakby 

Image via ElSharqElAwsat

Mohamed Mounir’s Ya Marakby, a delightful piece released in 1986, evokes the spirit of a Friday morning. This classic track marked a significant milestone in Mounir’s musical journey, radiating optimism and light-heartedness. It is one of his most beloved songs, cherished by fans for its uplifting vibe.