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Sarrah Abdelrahman Stuns in a Statement Dress

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Sarrah Abdelrahman Stuns in a Statement Dress
written by
Sherif Khairy

Over the past months, we’ve been blessed with the El Gouna International Film Festival (GIFF) and the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), giving us a double chance to witness our female stars in all their glory and elegance. However, one star has stood out both times with a unique take on fashion.

Sarrah Abdelrahman is the star who burst onto the scene with her gorgeous looks, relatable character, and innate acting chops. Social media has been going crazy over her recent appearances in CIFF and GIFF, and it’s for all the right reasons. At the El Gouna International Film Festival, Sarrah showed off a unique look; a crop top and pants, rather than a dress. The outfit was comprised entirely out of recycled plastic bags. It was an attempt to highlight the potential of recycling, and the fact that only a very small percentage of Egypt’s waste is recycled.

Fast forward a few months, and yet again we see her with a gorgeous look that succeeds in stealing the attention. Her simple, stunning dark blue dress was one she bought from El-Wekala (a cheap street market for used clothes) for only 370 EGP. With that, she takes a strong stand against the consumption concept (the need to buy things with a high price tag but no value), and encourages buying used clothes rather than those that have been manufactured by employees working under inhumane conditions.

Taking to social media, Sarrah talked about how much of a privilege it is to work with fashion designers and stylists who are good at what they do, and can help her express herself through clothes. She spoke about how she’s reducing her own consumption in order to help the environment. What she no longer uses, she gives away to charity, and only buys what she truly needs, favouring used clothes most of the time. It’s some sort of taboo in Egypt to wear second-hand clothes, but Sarrah decided to prove to herself, and the whole of Egypt, that there is no shame in being socially and environmentally aware.

We are incredibly proud of Sarrah’s principles and her ability to take a strong stand for what she believes in. She’s truly becoming a fashion icon in Egypt, as well as a social and environmental activist.