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Semaine Des Arts Culinaires: Bringing Together Everything We Love About French & Egyptian Cuisine

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Semaine Des Arts Culinaires: Bringing Together Everything We Love About French & Egyptian Cuisine
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Food lovers know this for sure, but non-food fanatics need to know this as well: cooking is an art, and food is one of the most beautiful portraits one can make. So let us all praise the good chefs and cooks of the world, and thank them for taking on such a noble and beautiful career path. May they have endless joy in their lives.

That being said, you can now see real food art for yourself tonight and tomorrow, right here in Cairo. The French Institute in Cairo is organising an activity with the name Semaine Des Arts Culinaires. The purpose of this event is to recapture the beauty of true Egyptian cuisine, as well as to understand the elegance of French food displays.

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So what does that mean? Throughout the next two days, there will be a number of activities, including workshops for children and adults, and a session about food design. Today you can enjoy a French style open buffet starting 8 pm at the French Institute. Courtesy of Hopla Studio, you’ll be able to see the French style in presenting food, inspired by their research on Egyptian cuisine. But take note, attendees are limited to 100 persons, so try to be as early as possible so you can experience a variety of French-Egyptian delicacies.

On Friday the 13th, they’ll host two cooking workshops, one for children at 5 pm, and another for adults at 6 pm. This will be held at Mamushka in Maadi, where you’ll learn how to cook some of the buffet elements you’ll see at tonight’s event. You’ll definitely learn a lot about cooking, and you’ll surely have lots of fun doing so. This event comes in collaboration with Mamushka, Slow Food Cairo, and the Bakeries Chef at InterContinental Cairo City Stars Hotel.