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Small Sphinx Statue Uncovered in Minya

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Small Sphinx Statue Uncovered in Minya
    written by
    Mariam Nowar

    (Image credit: El Watan)


    Following the unearthing of an ancient bust of Ramses II in Giza, a new discovery took place last Saturday. A small sphinx statue was unearthed by the Egyptian Archaeological Mission, led by Sayed Abdel Malek, in Minya’s Tuna El Gebel village.

    According to the Director-General of Middle Egypt’s Antiquities, Gamal El Samastawy, the statue is made of limestone and measures 35cm long and 55cm wide, via El Watan.

    The article also mentions that a collection of amulets, belonging to the worship of Bes, were unearthed during the excavation. According to Ancient Egypt Online, Bes was a God of war but was also associated with humour, music, and dancing. It was reported that different shapes and sizes of pottery were also unearthed during the dig.

    The village has been witnessing the discovery of various tombs and artefacts over the past three years. According to Egypt Today, the village had possessed monuments that belong to the Greek, Roman, and Late Middle Ages eras.

    Without a doubt, these discoveries significantly aid the revival of tourism in the country and help us uncover more secrets of our ancient history.