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The Tap Maadi to See a Unique Performance This Friday!

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The Tap Maadi to See a Unique Performance This Friday!
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Cairo 360

Our country has been known to be a regional pioneer in the arts scene in general, and the film and theatre production industry in particular. Indeed, over the past decades, Egypt has been home to thousands of success stories of artists who were able to perform a number of tasteful theoretical works, which pay homage to Egypt’s rich history in the field of theatre, and simultaneously staying updated with the transformations that that this industry has undergone over the past few years.

Among those who are looking to leave a footprint in this highly competitive industry is Ramsi Lehner.  Whenever we think of non-stereotypical artists, we always mention Lehner. He is not only a charismatic and daring actor, but he has also always been more than willing to share his acting techniques, and his unique take on the filmmaking and acting, with a generation of promising young talents. A testament of this is Ramsi Lehner’s Irtigalia: an acting group based on mastering the art of improvisation.

Irtigalia will be performing live for the very first time in one of Cairo’s most known nightlife venues, The Tap Maadi. Yes, you read that right folks; the Tap Maadi will be taking a break from its typical line-up of DJs and music related performances and will be clearing its stage for Lehner’s Irtigalia. The performance is scheduled for Friday the 12th of April at 7 pm. While actors on stage are typically scripted, Lehner’s Irtigalia will present an improvised comic act, whereby the characters, dialogue, plot, and scenes will be made up in the heat of one hilarious moment after another.

As a little change won’t hurt anyone, don’t hesitate to book your seat now through The Tap Maadi. For reservations call 01060000865, and for more information and details regarding the night check their Facebook page here. Also, show some support to those future quirky actors by following and liking Irtigalia’s Facebook page.