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The Best Language-Learning Applications Available in Egypt

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The Best Language-Learning Applications Available in Egypt
written by
Haajar Abu Ismail
Via Toronto Times

Looking to pick up a new language? Or maybe improve upon one you’ve already studied? Whether you’re planning to travel or just doing it for fun, adding to the languages you speak is never a bad idea. Here are six language learning applications to help you conveniently learn one at home!


Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is an immersive language learning application that provides speaking-focused lessons. It is also the programme of choice for many organisations. You choose your learning goal, then follow a set lesson plan to meet it.



This free mobile application is known for its success in the language-learning field. They brand themselves as an enjoyable way to learn a new language and have courses focusing on reading, listening, and speaking skills. For a list of the course languages, click here!



Babbel is another application known for its results. While they don’t have the most extensive list of available languages, they have quite a few popular options. Babbel’s approach is to have short lessons that focus on real-life conversations or join in on a live class by certified language teachers. They also connect you with games and podcasts in your language of choice to help immerse you in the culture.



HelloTalk takes an exciting approach to language learning. The concept is that they build a worldwide community of speakers across 150+ languages, and you can chat with native speakers in the language you want to learn. Essentially, this application is best for those who already have some language knowledge and are looking to practice speaking and writing.



Memrise takes an approach to help users effectively memorise and learn a new language. They claim their service is twice as fast as a regular classroom environment, and you get access to 23 languages. The application is designed to train you to use language in everyday life.



Mondly is an app with 41 languages that users can try to pick up. The application has courses that teach grammar and vocabulary and a selection of common topics to speak on. You can also learn a new language from your native tongue, even if it’s not English.