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The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards: Arts & Culture Award Winners

The Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards: Arts & Culture Award Winners
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Cairo 360

Egypt has been thought of as a beacon of arts throughout history and while that reputation may have subsided in recent times, there’s no denying there’s still a plethora of talented minds looking for a healthy outlet to their creativity, and this is where the winners of the Arts & Culture Awards of this year’s Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Awards come in.

These winners push the boundaries, and champion the various emerging strains of art – be it visual art, theatre, music or photography. This is a country that has a long and storied history with art and these venues are creating the future. Congratulations to the winners!

Al Kahila Art Gallery (Arts & Culture)

Bringing a bit of colour to the otherwise dull area of Mohandiseen, Al Kahila Art Gallery has been hosting local and international exhibitions since 2007.

Al Masar Gallery (Arts & Culture)

Focusing their attention on the better established contemporary artists, Al Masar Gallery occupies a unique and vibrant space in Baehler’s Mansion in Zamalek that is constantly showcasing works by Egypt’s pioneers of contemporary art.

Art Corner Gallery (Arts & Culture)

Competing with the sheer number of other art galleries in Zamalek is by no means an easy task, but Art Corner has managed to hold regular exhibitions or some of the finest contemporary artists in Egypt for over 12 years now.

Artellewa (Arts & Culture)

Located in the informal housing area of Ard El Lewa, the coolest thing about Artellewa is the creative space and artistic discourse it brings to areas of Cairo that are void of that nurturing environment.

Arts-Mart (Arts & Culture)

A relative new-comer to the scene, Arts-Mart, with their funky façade and extremely large collection of contemporary art have brought a whole world of colour to an otherwise monotonic area of Greater Cairo.

Art Talks (Arts & Culture)

Offering monthly educational seminars on Egyptian art history and contemporary art appreciation, Art Talks pride themselves at being a selective search engine for Egypt's next generation of influential contemporary artists.

Contemporary Image Collective (Arts & Culture)

An independent art initiative founded in Cairo in 2004, CIC has a special interest in the many roles of the photographic image and a mission that spans educational programming that develops artistic practice, engagement and discourse.

Darb 1718 (Arts & Culture)

Another staple of cultural events, even the trip to Darb1718 is an excursion in its own right. Featuring regular art galleries, workshops as well as open mic nights and other musical performances, Darb1718 is an integral part of Cairo’s cultural community.

El Sawy Culturewheel (Arts & Culture)

A staple of both Zamalek and cultural events, El Sawy Culturewheel has given the stage to thinkers, poets, singers and performers of all kinds. Hosting everything from Stand Up Comedy to panel discussions, no list on Arts & Culture Award winners would be complete without them.

El Genaina Theatre (Arts & Culture)

Established by Culture Resource in 2005, El Genaina Theatre lies in the spacious and green Azhar Park offering a semi-open air venue that boasts performances by some of the most established international artists, as well as giving a platform to rising local talents.

Falaki Theatre (Arts & Culture)

The AUC Downtown Campus Falaki Theatre has quickly become a hub for theatre enthusiasts by offering both performances and workshops to an otherwise neglected field.

Gallery Misr (Arts & Culture)

Founded in 2011, Gallery Misr quickly made a name for themselves amongst a competitive art scene by exhibiting paintings, sculptures, drawings, audio & video installations and photography by local artists.

Gypsum Gallery (Arts & Culture)

Fairly recent among its competitors, Gypsum Gallery caters to international cross-disciplinary programs, solo and group exhibitions, publications, limited artist editions and occasional off-site interventions.

The Music Tent (Live Music)

Possibly the first dedicated venue of its kind, The Music Tent has seen performances by some of the biggest name in Egypt’s established and rising music industries.

Photopia (Arts & Culture)

A mecca for all things photography, Photopia cater to photography enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels with services including a studio, a gallery, courses, workshops, a bookstore/Library and photography gear.

Picasso Gallery (Arts & Culture)

Sporting a spacious venue and regularly rotating exhibitions, Picasso Gallery features some of the more abstract art works by Egyptian artists.

Rawabet Theater (Arts & Culture)

Playing host to everything from music festivals to panel discussions and workshops, Downtown’s Rawabet Theater is an integral part of the Townhouse initiative to create links between alternative artists and performers.

ROOM Art Space (Arts & Culture)

Hosting everything from music performances and drum circles to yoga classes and art galleries, ROOM Art Space excel at providing a nurturing creative atmosphere.

Safarkhan Art Gallery (Arts & Culture)

Safarkhan Art Gallery is home to some of the better established modern and contemporary painters and sculptors, having introduced some of the most prominent pioneers of the field throughout their years.

Townhouse Gallery (Arts & Culture)

Established in 1998 as an independent art space, Townhouse Gallery supports artistic work in a wide range of media through exhibitions, residencies for artists and curators, educational initiatives and outreach programs. 

Zamalek Art Gallery (Arts & Culture)

One of the more spacious art galleries in Zamalek that focuses on promoting contemporary art, with a monthly rotation of exhibitions and a permanent collection by contemporary art pioneers.

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