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The Egyptian Museum to Host Marc Babej’s Unique Photographs

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The Egyptian Museum to Host Marc Babej’s Unique Photographs
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    While Egypt has a lot of history and culture in its own right, it’s still important to showcase the culture and history of other places around the world. In a cultural effort to expose Egyptian audience to global artists, the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir is hosting a temporary exhibition showing stunning photographs by the incredible photographer, Marc Erwin Babej.

    The Exhibition is called “Yesterday – Tomorrow, A Work in Aspective Realism.” It will launch on the 2nd of September and will last for 30 whole days, till the 2nd of October, in the museum’s ground floor (Hall 44).

    Babej is famous for black and white portraits, but he also has huge admiration for Egyptian history. Just by opening his website, you’ll be greeted with a slideshow of photos that showcase the beauty of Pharaonic life. With an inclination towards female characters, Babej is a master of portraying ancient Pharaonic characters in the light of modern and contemporary scenes.

    In more fancy terms, Babej’s work is rooted in rigorous research and uses concepts of Aspective Realism. He combines images with text elements, trying to find synergy between them, and he’s considered by many to have resurrected ancient Egyptian art through his artistic photographs.

    The photographs to be showcased in the exhibition have been executed by an international team led by Marc himself. A team that includes 50 specialists in different fields, of whom 13 are Egyptologists from different universities all around the world. To know more about Babej, check out his website. If interested, and we bet you’ll be, don’t miss the exhibition starting next Monday.