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The Grand Nile Tower Arts & Culture Centre’s Second Round Brings a Proper Dose of Music ‎

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The Grand Nile Tower Arts & Culture Centre’s Second Round Brings a Proper Dose of Music ‎
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Renowned for its unique location that overlooks an enchanting view of the city, Garden City’s hotel, Grand Nile Tower, is also known for having its very own arts & culture centre, which hosts some of the best music events in town.

As part of Grand Nile Tower’s corporate social programme, the Grand Nile Tower Arts & Culture Centre was launched in 2018. Shedding light on some of Egypt’s talented independent artists, the hotel hosted a series of music events, to give them the needed exposure.

“Grand Nile Tower Arts & Culture Centre celebrates culture and arts, by giving Egyptian talents the opportunity to express themselves, and present their musical creations in an enchanting atmosphere, whether in the hotel or at the most famous historical locations,” says Andreas Boettger, General Manager of Grand Nile Tower.

The year’s round sees various events that cater to all tastes; the hotel’s arts and culture centre collaborates with Sultan Qai’tbay Foundation to present a round of periodic events, including concerts and art exhibitions, which are set to be held at Maq’ad of Sultan Qai’tbay, as well as the hotel. The foundation also offers the hotel’s guests unique touristic tours around the city. 

And starting from this week, the Grand Nile Tower Arts & Culture Centre teams up with Out Loud to deliver various music events at some of the hotel’s best venues on monthly basis. In addition, the second round sees yet another successful collaboration between the hotel’s arts and culture centre and the Manial Palace Festival, in which the Grand Nile Tower sponsored the festival’s second edition that commenced on the 28th of October.

Running until the 9th of November, the festival brings a colourful spectrum of music genres that offers something to everyone; from classical, Asian, to Oriental music.

Needless to say, the Grand Nile Tower happens to be one of the very few hotels in town that offer a cultural experience, which, not only entertains the people of this city, but also helps young talents find their place under the sun.