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The Popular Show at Townhouse: A Space for All Egyptian Artists!

The Popular Show at Townhouse: A Space for All Egyptian Artists!
    written by
    Cairo 360

    Have you ever wanted to showcase your artwork but never had the chance
    to? Well, here is the moment you’ve been waiting for! The Townhouse Gallery for
    Contemporary Art presents ‘The Popular Show’, a group exhibition that will accept
    work from all artists, amateur and professional!

    Regardless of your age, gender or background; you’re eligible to enter your
    work as long as you live here, in our wonderful country of Egypt. It doesn’t
    even matter if you lack a formal art education; if you have produced works of
    art that you would like to showcase; submit it to Townhouse and it will become
    part of this collective art installation.

    The deadline to submit your work is March 2nd, 2011 and there’s no selection process! That’s
    right: all submitted art automatically becomes part of the installation; so
    your art will definitely get the space that it deserves on the gallery’s wall.

    Sarah Rifky of the CIRCA is collaborating
    with Townhouse Gallery on this collective installation, which will
    hopefully break distinctions between ‘high and low
    art, art and non-art and even serious and pop-art,’ according to the
    gallery’s press release.

    If you’re paranoid about having your work stolen – don’t worry! The
    gallery will not sell, trade or deal with the
    artwork, and will not receive commission on future sale of the artwork. So the
    pieces of art remain the property of the artists. However, the gallery does
    retain cultural rights regarding the labelling and display of your work during
    the collective installation.

    If your work happens to
    catch the eye of a (hopefully wealthy) art collector, Townhouse will put the
    collectors in direct contact with the artist or the owner of the work on

    To submit your work, drop it
    off at the Townhouse Gallery, clearly labelling it with ‘The Popular Show’ and
    don’t forget to include your full name in English and Arabic, along with your
    contact information.

    You can also mail in your
    work to:

    The Popular Show
    10 Nabrawy St., Off Champollion St., Downtown,

    The fun isn’t over once the
    exhibition is! The Finnisage on April
    will be the day when artists come in to collect their work and the
    dismantling of the collective installation will be an actual documented
    collective performance! Yes, that means that you’ll be recorded taking down
    your work – so if you’re camera-shy, you could always send in a friend to pick
    up your work.

    For more information, please
    contact Dina Kafafi at