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This Cinematic Masterpiece Is Witnessing a Special Screening Tonight

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This Cinematic Masterpiece Is Witnessing a Special Screening Tonight
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Classic is a term that gets thrown around too much sometimes. Whether it’s cars, movies, or songs, there are a certain number of oldies that get labeled with such a prestigious rank. But what makes it a classic? While many may debate this, what we can agree on is one main reason: a seemingly endless majesty that stands the test of time.

Today we’re talking about one special classic Arabic movie, Chitchat on the Nile (Tharthara Fawq Al-Nile). Starring Emad Hamdy, Mirvat Amin, Ahmed Ramzy, Adel Adham, Soheir Ramzy, and more immensely talented stars, it was first released on the 15th of November, 1971, but if you watch it today, 47 years later, it is still as relevant as it was years ago.  

First released as a novel written by the genius author, Naguib Mahfouz, scripted into a movie by Mahmoud El-Laithy, and directed by Hussein Kamal, it tells the story of how frustrated, depressed, or utterly apathetic Egyptians were after the huge setback of the 1967 War. The story is full of imagery and symbolism, depicting history through the lives of seemingly irrelevant people in the Egyptian population.

ADEF DECA, a cultural hub that aims to create a space for freedom of expression through technology, and strives to build an intellectual environment of mutual respect, is hosting a special screening of the movie, Chitchat on the Nile, tonight. The movie starts at 7 pm, and will be followed by an open discussion where viewers can share their opinions and feelings of the film. It’s an excellent opportunity for fans of this movie as well as for people who’ve never seen it before.

You can find ADEF DECA on 143 Street 8, Mokattam. Check out their Facebook Page for more details, or call 01121147008 for more information.