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This Egyptian Artist’s Paintings Are the Perfect Way to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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This Egyptian Artist’s Paintings Are the Perfect Way to Celebrate Mother’s Day
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Cairo 360

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, and one woman found a creative way to celebrate Mother’s Day: Dr. Laila Allam, a Cairo-based painter with a passion for Egyptian women. Her paintings tell the stories of women’s everyday lives in quite a stunning way. 

After graduating in the 1960’s from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek, she found herself inspired by Egypt’s historical heritage, and the concept of femininity. Her passion took her on an educational journey that lasted 10 years, and she earned herself a PhD in the field of Philosophy in Art Education. Additionally Dr. Allam has exhibited her artworks in Cairo, Alexandria, and Qatar, and she mentors postgraduate students in Egypt.

Dr. Allam’s latest exhibition, Women of Egypt: Exhibition of Paintings by Laila Allam, will open its doors today, the 20th of March, at Osana Family Wellness, and will run till Wednesday, the 11th of April. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Snap14. Through Dr. Laila’s Art Nouveau Style Paintings, you will get to witness the lives and narratives of Egyptian women, from childhood to adulthood. 

Tonight, to commemorate the exhibition’s opening, a private viewing and silent auction will be held from 6 pm to 9 pm. You can mingle with the Osana community and discuss the paintings, while you admire your favourites and participate in the silent auction as you please. There are over 20 pieces on show, and prices range from 3,000 and go up to 30,000 EGP.

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