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This Event Will Make You Laugh Through Your Dating Drama

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This Event Will Make You Laugh Through Your Dating Drama
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To be single or to be taken? An endless debate that will probably never be settled. We may disagree on which is better, after all, everything has its pros and cons, but we’ll definitely agree on one crucial fact: the hectic nature of the dating life, and the crazy, hilarious, absurd, and unreal anecdotes that comes from dating.

Story Party Tour realised the immense funny content that comes out of dating stories, and have decided to make a thing out of it. So they tour around the world, sharing international stories of dating, spreading the love, and giving people a much needed laugh.

This August, on the 19th of August to be exact, The Greek Campus are hosting Story Party Tour for a special event of True Dating Stories. Get ready to laugh your socks off in a live storytelling show about the struggle of dating. While the night is all about fun, there is one simple rule: put your phone away so you can fully immerse yourself in what’s going on around you, and enjoy those authentic real-life stories of dating. Whether you relate to them, fear them, or thank God that you’ve never gone through them, one thing is for sure, you’ll have a night of laughter to remember.

If you’re in any doubt, just know that Story Party Tour has won the appropriately named Online Dating Alternative award, and they’ve sold out venues in Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Warsaw, Berlin, Helsinki, Istanbul, and more.

But you won’t be just a spectator in this event, Story Party Tour invite you to write your favourite dating story on an anonymous slip so you can share it with the whole audience while keeping complete privacy. Listen to other people’s real stories and enjoy a real laugh.

The event is suitable for single people, but it’ll also work if you’re dating, engaged, or even married. You don’t have to tell a story, but your contribution will be much appreciated. Tthe show will be run in English and is a one-hour show in The Greek Campus on the 19th of August. But if you’re looking for more information, check out the event details on Facebook. Hurry up Cairenes, this night should not be missed.