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This French Photographer Is Obsessed With Egypt

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This French Photographer Is Obsessed With Egypt
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Denis Dailleux is a photographer born in France in 1958. His photographs have been exhibited internationally, and he has been awarded several prizes including the Monographies Award in 1997, the World Press Photo Award in the portraits category in 2000, the Hasselblad of the town Vevey Award in Switzerland in 2000 and the Fujifilm Award of Festival Terre d’Images to Biarritz in 2001.

Dailleux’s oeuvre indicates a strong fascination with everything Egyptian: the streets, the culture, the dance moves, even the local coffee houses and belly dancing outfits. You name it, this guy has captured it with his camera. The sheer rawness of his work has recently gained huge popularity among Egyptian Facebook users, with some commentating on the sense of nostalgia that it musters up within them, and others highlighting the sincerity that lies within his photographs. Take a look at some of the photos circulating on social media (captured between the year 1988 and the year 2011) and decide for yourself.